A Friend

June 17, 2010
By Michael LaFlamme SILVER, La Mesa, California
Michael LaFlamme SILVER, La Mesa, California
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It was a day, or night I guess you could say, not too long ago when my friend Tyler decided that he had let his soul mate slip through his grasps. He was over at my house when this decision was made and he was determined to get her back into his lost life. He was willing to do anything for her.

We were at my house and it was about 5:00 when Tyler decided that he had lost the love of his life and that he needed to get her back immediately. So he started thinking, which he was not particularly good at, and came up with an idea.
“I got it!” Tyler exclaimed. “I can call her and I will sing “Baby Come Back” to her and that will get her back for sure!”
“Go for it.” I said while trying to hold back my laughter from bursting out as he dialed his phone and it began to ring. She picked and immediately he started singing. It was terrible and she hung up after about five seconds.
“Dam it!” Tyler yelled. “But wait, I know what was wrong; I just need to take it a step further.”
“And what do u mean by that?” I questioned.
“Grab your keys we are going driving.” Tyler said.
So I grabbed my keys and we took off down the road. “Where are we going Tyler?” I asked.
“Well first we are going to Zales so I can buy an engagement ring and then we are going to her house so I can ask her to marry me” Tyler said.
“Holy s***! You are one crazy fool.” I said while shaking my head. We got to Zales and he bought the biggest diamond ring that they had in the store. It was the size of a baseball! Then we headed off to Samantha’s house and when we got there Tyler told me the rest of his plan.
“Ok so I need you to pull up right up next to her window.” He said while plugging his IPod into my stereo. “Now I am going to propose to her while singing” as he put “Baby Come Back” on the stereo and began to sing along with it until she came out.
“What the hell are you doing Tyler?” She said as she watched him drop to a knee and open the box with the baseball sized diamond ring. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed. “But no we are done Tyler, please leave now.”
So as I am sitting in my car watching this I see Tyler grab Samantha and start running towards the car like he was going to kidnap her. But part way to the car her Dad who had been watching from inside caught up with Tyler and clobbered him with a bat. He collapsed to the ground before scrambling the rest of the way to the car while Samantha and her Dad walked back in to the house. Thus ending Tyler’s desperational attempt for the night to win back his soul mate.

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