A Lost Cause

June 16, 2010
By jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
jared7893 SILVER, La Mesa, California
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As the middle aged man walked into the store, I could see that he was looking for something in particular but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. He came to a stylish hat that got his attention from across the room and decided to try it on. The less than fashionable man looked at the item with great pleasure and continued to look in the mirror as if the hat was the single greatest thing in his life. I continued to watch the excited man as he slowly took off the hat and set it back down on the rack. Without even looking at the tag he put it down and solemnly walked away. Somehow, the eccentric and lively person that was wearing the hat left the body as soon as he took it off as to signify that that hat was the only thing that made life worth living for the man.

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