May 31, 2010
By Anonymous

I took my step to the door of the plane I knew it was all to real this time “jump” the Sgt said to me again. I took my leap “one…Two…Three” I felt the Jerk of the parachute opening “30 seconds, 30 seconds” I told myself “30 til I hit the ground”

“Name” “John Donchue”
“Age” “Seventeen”
“Weight” “One fifty Seven”
“Height” “Five Ten”
“Job preference” “Airborne Infantry”
“Please sign here” “yes sir”
“you leave for basic training in three weeks”


“what did I sign myself up for” the hot Alabama sun beating on my back, ugh almost done this is the last practice jump, I thought to myself
“Smalls, this is the last time I let you talk me into anything”
“hey Shiffty, stop whining like a girl you baby this is better than any idea you ever came up with I’m sorry, but there was no way I was gonna be a brain surgeon”
“hey you two shut the h*** up or you’ll both need a brain surgeon” said Sgt
“yes Sgt”
I hit the ground fast and hard, really hard. I hit my release and looked behind me as smalls hit the ground. I ran over to Smalls who was having trouble with his release and punched it, it released and we ran toward the hanger. Soon all the men had mobilized and made their way to the hanger where the major Williams was standing on the wings of a plane “well boys congratulation you all are now members of the airborne infantry ya’ll should be proud, go out and have a good night cause Monday many of you will get your assignments and that’ll probably mean combat, good luck”
We all through our helmets up not thinking that they are heavy and will eventually come down. I walked over to Smalls congratulated him. “s*** we made it how bout that”


“Men many of you just got your wings but its time, your country needs you next this time Tuesday you will be jumping on this airfield it’s a threat to the boys in Al Ramandi we are expecting heavy resistance in the numbers of 4,000. You will not be taking a reserve on this jump because your jumping low and at this height a reserve wont help you any. Report to your units for further details”
“Shiffty Captain America really knows how to give speeches aint that right”
“Smalls His names Captain Winters, if you keep giving nick names to all the officers one day they’ll hear you and flip out on you”
“Shiffty your such a buzz kill, ya know that”
“well Smalls I try just for you I should of never listened I could be sitting in an office right now but no, Shiffty enlist with me, and what did I say.. sure Smalls I’ll join”
“hey you know you joined cause you love me”
“no smalls I joined cause I wanted to keep you out of getting into too much trouble, instead you got both of us in trouble, nice one”

“Brace yourself”

Standing up I hit my release as fast as possible trying to dodge the bullets but it wouldn’t come undone. I looked to my right where Pfc. Kretz, who just landed, was running over and hit my release with the butt of his rifle. It opened and I slid my chute and reserve off my shoulders I ran toward the ditch on the side of the runway that Sgt. Randels was yelling at us to get in and jumped in there the rest of the fire team was “Smalls ya ok over there” “yep I’m good” “Smalls how did they expect 250 to take a air field with 4,000…Jesus” “men we need to flank that position” Sgt. Pointed to a small wall 100yds from the down the ditch on the other side of the runway “Shiffty you go down this ditch with Smalls and flank that position…cover fire” I stood up crouching and moved down the ditch until I was 200yds away and slouched down “smalls you go ill give you cover fire the when you reach the wall you stop and give me cover. Got it” he nodded I rolled over and watched him run across the runway until one of the Iraqi soldiers turned at the last second and fired hitting smalls in the shoulder and leg “s*** smalls” not thinking I hopped out of the ditch and ran over to his limp moaning body and knelt down over him “you Ok Smalls” “shifty I think im hit, I gotta get up, I gotta get up”
“just stay still I got you” I looked down at the hole in his shoulder tore open the disinfectant powder and put it on the wound. . I grabbed his shoulder strap and started to pull him toward the ditch as bullets and tracers flew around me. “Shiffty…Shiffty” I looked up just as a rocket from a RPG slammed into the ground in front of me. I blacked out with the flash and heat. When I came to I had a intolerable stabbing pain in my stomach and above my eye and everything was a cloudy blur. I tried to sit up but was unable to do so I could only lift my head enough to see my stomach torn to h***. “s***..Ahh Sgt. Ahhh” I bellowed in agony. Glancinng back down I saw the extent of my injuries my guts where on the ground as I cried out “mama ahhh mama I’m sorry” I looked back at Smalls “hey smalls ill see you in h*** haha.. I would die for you any day. ahhhh” looking back up I saw doc and Sgt standing over us they grabbed us and pulled us into the ditch. “looking good Shffty” doc said with a look of disgust on his face. Looking back up at him I said “doc, ahh hows smalls” he shuck his head and said “hes gone”. It didn’t matter anymore as I cried out in pain “ahhhhh” everything dimmed out as I gasped the last breath of air..

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