May 31, 2010
By sballcrazed BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
sballcrazed BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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            “Mom I’ll be fine, I’m just going to visit Dad.”
            “I know it’s just I haven’t seen your father in ten years since the divorce and he moved to Brazil which is so far away from our home in Miami.” In Miami we owned a big house on the beach. It was brown and made out of stone with marble steps and a double door. Sarah was nineteen, had long wavy dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and the face of a doll. She was wearing blue jeans with Nike sneakers along with a blue beach t-shirt covered with a purple fleece.
            “Mom you’re such a worry wart; you have no reason to be scared.”
            “I know Sarah just promise me you’ll be careful.”
            “I promise, love you.”
            “Love you too; see you when you get back.”  I started toward security gripping my passport, tucking my plane ticket in my bag, and glancing one last time at my mom before I went on my way.  Heart pounding, teeth chattering, so scared for my first international flight alone.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea I thought.  As much as I wanted to go back, I couldn’t. I knew I had to do it. I could do it; I was nineteen now.
“Now boarding flight forty-seven to Brazil,” went a voice over the intercom. Grasping my carry-on bag I sauntered over still unsure if I should do it or not and hesitantly handed the lady my ticket. The pilot, Mr. Collep, a kind bulky man, saluted me as I made my way on to the airplane. Squeezing through the narrow lanes of enormous the 777 airplane, I took my seat by the window and stowed my carry-on underneath my seat. Heart racing, sweat dripping as I was getting ready for takeoff.
“This is going to be a full flight so please make room for everyone. Oh great I thought just what I need more people to make this an even more stress full flight. Taking her seat next to me was a young lady who appeared to be about in her mid-twenties and of the Chinese heritage. The lady brown-eyed and sweet as pie said her name was Lisa.

“So why are you going out Brazil?” questioned Lisa.

“I'm going to visit my dad, he and my mom split up ten years ago; what about you?” I asked curiously.

“I'm going to take care of my grandmother. She is gravely ill and ever since her son (my father in law) got transferred for work she's been all alone and she wants some company.”

“That's nice that you're doing that for your grandmother.”

“Thanks I'm happy to do it to.”

“That's good you should be.” I replied. 
            “Attention passengers please buckle your seat belts as we prepare for takeoff.”  Jumping as the plane began to move I didn’t know why I was so scared since it was like the fiftieth plane ride I had been in but then again it was my first international one alone.  well no turning back now I thought.

Wheels spinning, wings lifting and ROOM! Went the plane as it was about to take off. It lifted into the air at an angle and begun to fly to Brazil. About two hours into the flight everything seemed to be going fine and I relaxed doing fine until one announcement startled me.

“Attention passengers one of our engines seems to have died on us but we will get the other one working but for the moment the ride may be a bit bumpy.” that really made me jump. Was the plane going to crash, was I going to die? So many thoughts were running through my head. When the bumps came I grasped the seat in front of me holding on for dear life.

Out my window I could see the working engine. I stared at making sure it would turn on, but then I saw a flame coming from the engine and next thing I knew it was up in flames. The only working engine on the flight was up in flames. Now I was thinking just one thing death. I knew it would come to me and all of the innocent people on board this flight all because of a faulty engine. Now I was shaking furiously knowing the plane was going to fall out of the sky any minute, I was going to die and there was nothing I could do. That moment was now. The plane went this way and that turning in all sorts of ways this way and that. People screaming, and holding onto anything in sight. I looked out the window and saw nothing but blue ocean. Oh no not a good place to be right above the ocean and who knows how deep it was. Probably miles I thought and no way could I tread water that long, I would just have to go under the water, close my eyes and let my self slowly drift away. I wanted so much to call my mom and let her know how much I love her and let her know that I wasn't going to be home and that I would miss her greatly but I didn't want to worry her and I didn't want to hear her break down. She would eventually find out so I felt there was no need for a call. I didn't want to make her grief any longer than it had going to be. I wished I would have listened and not gotten on the plane like my gut told me.

The plane was now about as 300 ft. to the water. I could see it good and clear, so clear I could even see sum fish swimming about. The flight attendants were strapped in their seats and grasping on as hard as they could. I turned a pale white color as I tried to enjoy the last few moments that I had on earth. Smack! Went the plane as it hit the water. Water began to flood into the plane as it slowly sunk into the ocean I didn't even try to escape. I just sat their trying to stay calm. I closed my eyes trying to go down for a nap, very aware that I wouldn't wake up from it. I tried to make my death as peaceful as possible. The water slowly began to rise getting closer and closer to my face, I wanted to panic so bad but I just sat where I was not moving. It was now up to my eyes and getting higher by the second and tasting of horrible salt. The water over my head now made me feel like a trapped fish. I opened my mouth letting in water knowing that would make it all go by faster, breathing it in as if I had gills. Reluctant to open my eyes not wanting to know what sort of dead and people were floating around in there. The plane was now completely underwater and I felt my self slowly slip out of the earth.

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I'm the author of my life and, unfortunately, I'm writing in pen=]

one thing i noticed is that you started 1st person than went to 3rd and back to 1st. i would try to fix that up by choosing one or the other. if the problem was that you were having difficulty introducing the main characters name and age you could have her mother say something like, "Sarah, you're only 19..." or something along those lines. just try to avoid the changes in points of view... otherwise, i really liked it=]


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