Monologue 1

May 31, 2010
By silver_moonlit10 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
silver_moonlit10 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
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Listen to me, sweetheart. Men are the scourge of the world. They, each and They will always hurt you. Everyhting they do will stab at your heart. It will pierce and puncture at every turn. You cannot trust men to any stretch of the imagination. The only thing that even might differ is the way in which they hurt you. this is the only way in which they ever get creative. They might cheat, they might abandon. They cuold possibly betray your confidence. It doesn't matter what they do, though. They will hurt you. The irony of it is that we can't live without them. As you get older, you'll find yourself wanting them and convinced that you need them, where previously they had cooties. They make us happier than anything else. They ignite our senses and make us lively. Without them, we would end. We would fail at happiness and reproduction. Men help us bear our daughters, but they thrash our soulds. The question here is, are they worth it? And that, me dear, you will have to answer for yourself. Now, go and play with your brothers, and watch your back. What a sweet little girl.

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on Mar. 1 2013 at 10:07 am
I really like the irony of this monologue! Well done. :)

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