Everything that would happen

May 16, 2010
By Anonymous

She could see the anger in his eyes, she just knew he would hater for the rest of her life.He began to throw things, while tears trikled down his cheeks and as he sat down to calm himself, he said over and over again, why did it have to be my daughter, why lord did she chose to be gay. As she tried to grab her dads should to reasure him that things were going to be ok, he grabed her hand violently and said " no you don't ever touch me again, just get out of my house and never come back".Her mom grabed her and said "i told you your dad would never accept you and neither do i".Tear covered her face as she walked out the door,when she looks back at her parents her dad wouldn't eve look her in her eyes and her mom told to just go. She was lost and had nowhere to go,she walked and walked till the pain and lonelyness stoped in her heart.

The author's comments:
If my parents were to find out the truth i know this would happen to me.The reason i know this is because they told me.I just know they already suspect who i really am.

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