The Hospital Road

June 16, 2010
By Chetan BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Chetan BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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57 years ago, he was really happy with the news that his wife is going to give birth to his child. He was young then. That is what people told me, I was not there, I born 35yrs later this incident.

And his biggest dream came true; I remember quite well, he lived in flat no.013 in the building next to our street. His child born, he and his wife were coming back to their house when that accident took place, a road accident of a car with a bus. They were passing from the Hospital Road when his dream was lost forever. He and his wife had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks, they came back home, but they lost their child.

After a year his wife also died, because she wanted her child, but nature never returns anything which it takes back once.

After death of his wife, he knew that he should learn to live alone. But his heart was broken and all his love for children was overflowing.

Years passed, and then came I, people told us about his story. My mother showed some sympathy but I was always hatred of him (and I was wrong).

My brother loved him so much that daily after his school he went for his apartment. My brother was not alone, other children also liked him, may be because he loved children.

When I was 20 my hatred for him was increased. I thought that, he captured my brother’s whole childhood; he has also grown up but still loves him, however, now he visited him less.

My mother worked as baby sitter, but children liked him more than my mother.

I had no father so my mother was free (or she carried heavy chains of aloneness inside).

Till then, he became old like his apartment, most of people left that but he refused to leave that house in which his wife died. But children still went there to meet him.

One day, my mother went to him, they were friends. At that time I was also grown up and realized his feelings, now I also wanted to show sympathy for him. I also went there to meet him.

He said only a few words to me which I remember well; he said, “You are a nice girl, your brother came to me, he told me about you.” and showed a smile. His words and expressions delighted me.

Then it was my mother’s turn, but today she was a bit different. She said him, “You are old now, and this building is too. Now, you should leave this building, anything can happen here, especially when children visit you.”

But this ignited his anger and he refused again. My mother tried to convince him but he didn’t agree.

Next day, I went their alone, he was leaving the house.

I was happy that he understood, but his conversation with me changed this thought.

“Now, uncle! Where are you going?”

“To die.” He replied.

“But”, I was shocked.

“That is what others wanted?” he said.

I tried to talk to him but he didn’t reply.

“If I would get another life and I had to born again I would like to born in your house.”

I shouted on his back but he didn’t listened.

That is what happened last week. But I was shocked when yesterday I got that news. He was passing from the Hospital Road when he died in another car accident.

That Hospital Road, saved many lives, but destroyed his.

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