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June 15, 2010
By InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
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Perfect timing. It was raining heavily one Tuesday afternoon and I do not have an umbrella. For what I could remember, the news said there won't be any rainfall for the next few days. They were wrong, and now I'm beginning to realize that I shouldn't rely on T.V. alone. No matter how modern your equipment may be, there's still that chance that it'll fail. I sighed as I watch the rain from the entrance of my school. I don't think it would stop anytime soon, so I grabbed my satchel and covered my head as I run towards the bus stop. No one was around when I headed out.

After a quite long run, I've reached the lonely bus stop, standing at the edge of the walkway. No one was there, just me, waiting patiently for the bus to arrive. I was soaking wet and there's even water inside my newly-bought shoes. My jacket felt like three layers of blanket wrapped all around me, so I removed it, squeezing the water out. I sat on one of the chairs and noticed a mirror. My hair used to be spiky, keeping it still by the use of a magical thing called gel, but now, I look like a wet puppy with all my hair down, covering parts of my eyes. The sides were drying up fast, forming curls. I looked around but there's still no sign of the bus so I picked up my satchel and checked if everything was wet. Unfortunately, they weren't. I would've felt better if they're as wet as my socks, that way I don't have to achieve somebody else's dream. Maybe it would've been better if I bought a different bag.

Moments later, a girl arrived. She wore peach cardigan and a long skirt with small flowery design. She was dry because of the pink umbrella she was holding. She never looked my way and stayed quiet until a black mustang stopped near her. The window at the passenger's seat rolled down and another beautiful lady showed up. She spoke to the girl and said, "Come on, let's go home.".

The girl nodded but before she got into the car, she walked back and handed me the pink umbrella. I didn't think I still need an umbrella anymore since I was wet already and imagining myself holding a pink umbrella doesn't really look nice. I was about to turn down the offer but she got me with her smile, so I got no choice. Soon after, she and the car disappeared from my sight.

I was just staring at the umbrella until the bus arrived. I don't know how could I return it to her, but I'd feel bad if I'll just leave it here. So I got on the bus, with a feeling of looking forward to tomorrow, hoping to see this umbrella's owner again.

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