How to Get Rich Quick; Fool Proof Ways to Earn Money

June 14, 2010
In this economy, everyone needs a little extra cash, right? But no one knows the right ways of achieving this goal. People are just too lazy to work hard and just aren’t thinking, because the answers are right in front of us! I can think of ways just off the top of my head, and I am kind enough to share my wonderful knowledge with all of you, however few, that are reading. The first, and my personal favorite way, to get rich easily, is to sell drugs to already depraved teenagers. Let’s forget the fact that most inner city kids aren’t motivated to succeed in school enough because of gangs, let’s throw addicting drugs into the picture and see how it turns out. Good idea right? Who cares, because we, the drug dealers, would be racking in the money, and in the process we can kill a few people over drug wars. But rich kids want drugs too! Selling and corrupting teens that think they need drugs to have a good life is such a good idea to me. Who wouldn’t want to get into that business? Another way one could easily earn a couple bucks on the side is simply by prostitution. If God gave a woman a great body, why wouldn’t you take advantage of her destitution and need for help and force her to sell herself for money? Pimps are just so smart for that reason. Women, and some men as well, who don’t know better, and even those that do, really should be sexually abused for money. Stealing anything from Chap Stick in the CVS to computer fraud is a great way to save money that most people forget about it. It’s not stealing if no one catches you, right? Instead of paying for everyday items, people should just steal from our local businesses. It really is such an easy solution when you’re running low on money.

These are just a few ways an individual can benefit in this economy. It’s a shock our crime rate is so high.

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