Im a Princess!?

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Wouldn’t it be great to be a princess? To wear a crown and go to balls? To feel like you’re important and special? Well to Mia, it’s pretty much a nightmare. In The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, Mia turns into a princess by surprise and finds out her grandma is the queen. With the sudden news, Mia freaks. In this story you will see how much she changes throughout this story in becoming a princess.

Mia, a 6 foot girl with braces age 14 in the ninth grade. Struggling to make it through high school with her best and only friend Lilly, life seems like it can’t get any worse. Lilly is a girl who is always there for Mia, but at times she can go mad. Lilly is also the sister of the boy that Mia has loved for seven years. Living in a small apartment with her artist mom and fat cat, there is a new member in the family, Mia’s algebra teacher! Mia’s mom and father got in a divorce years ago. Then, grandma came. It’s one of those grandmas with serious faces, strict rules, and smells like cigarettes. With the news of her grandma coming from a small country in Italy, called “Genovia”, there is also some other news that no one would ever expect. Mia discovers she’s a princess. You will never see any princess like this. This book is good for mostly girls that are in their teens. This book has its ups and downs, as you would probably see throughout this book. This book is sure to give a lot of laughs.

I love the way the book is written as a diary. It feels like Mia is literally writing a letter to you. She puts wonderful detail and description on what is going on. If she is angry or excited about something, sh e would put it in caps. If Mia was mad at Lilly she would say, “I CANT STAND HER SOMETIMES!” Also Mia says how she really wants to be in the same class as Michael so she says, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ,PLEASE ,all over two full pages. It’s really funny to see her reactions.
The conflict is very realistic on what teens would really fight about. Mia and Lilly gets in a few fights. Mia got really mad at Lilly for her reaction when she found out Mia was a princess. They starting saying mean things to each other, just like normal girls do.

I love the way Mia writes like a diary. I write in a journal and when I read this, I can see how their alike. Like how we both exaggerate with our words to show how we feel. And how we both explain everything we’re doing. Its really cool reading a book that makes you feel like your reading your own but has a different life.

I would recommend this book to people who love girly adventures and diary like stories. I would more recommend this to girls at age 12-14. If any younger, it may be a little bit harder, but if it's higher in age, it might seem a little childish. Most girls like stories that are girly because then they have something they can related too and can see how they act.

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on Jun. 19 2010 at 7:38 pm
loveisblind GOLD, Tenino, Washington
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This world, it ends as you believe it to end; yet it'll live on to the actuall end, where then you admit yourself wrong.


wrong section, this is more for the reviews not realistic fiction.

i totally agree with you though!


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