The Big Game

June 8, 2010
By purplefroggees53 BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
purplefroggees53 BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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It’s off to the big game for Jayden! It’s his first game of his entire freshman high school year. He goes to Tomahawk High that’s the only high school around Tualatin. ding dong the doorbell rang
“Hey Jayden want to go on a date tonight?” Eliza asked Jayden in a sad tone
because she had known that he had a football game and had already knew what his answer was , while she flipped her long blonde hair that smelled like water melons. As the aroma whirled through the air she thought that might have hypnotized Jayden. She was wrong according to Jayden’s answer which was “Um I’ve got to go to my first game. Sorry maybe Saturday?”
“No! If you would rather play a dumb and stupid game rather than go on a date with me then were through!!!!!” Eliza said exasperated because she hadn’t got her way, and was a was a little surprised with in his answer.
“Well okay,” he said while he flipped his golden blond hair. “I guess I pick the game then.”
“I guess were free to see other people and won’t have to be stuck with each other for eternity like that dream I had” she said flipping her silky blond hair. She said amazed within his answer
“Bye Jayden” Eliza said slightly upset about the break up because she had still really liked him.
“Bye” Jayden said slamming the door frostily in her face. She walked away glum as his dad pulled in with his nice new shinny red convertible.
“Jayden!!!!” Leroy had shrieked in an exasperated tone.
“Yeah dad” Jayden said calmly still getting ready for his first football game of the year. He was wearing a humongous gold and white uniform that indicated that he was number 53 in the white part of the jersey when the rest was a pale gold color.
“What’s this I hear about you skipping practice?” Leroy demanded an answer furiously.
“It’s just I’m always working on homework so I can actually play in the games” Jayden made an excuse so he didn’t have to tell about his girlfriend.
“We’ll talk about this after your game.”
“Okay Dad” Jayden said happily knowing he was going to get in a conversation that involved getting his mother involved with this.
One hour later…
“Jayden, I don’t want you playing football; you could get hurt!”
“Really Mom, I bet for some unexplainable reason there will be a five hundred pound guy and he lands on my leg and breaks it, like that would ever really happen.” Jayden said a little infuriated with his mother.
Jesse said “Yeah he does all his homework!” Jayden was starting to despise his parents, for giving him mixed signals about him playing football. With his mom and her brown hair that smelt like cherries because of the shampoo she bought; with dad always pressuring him to get good grades and play sports at the same time. Jayden just couldn’t do it. Jayden was getting tired of looking at his fathers semi pruned face
Another hour’s passing
“Ow ow it hurts” Jayden said in antagonizing pain. From what one of the heavy set footballers had done. The weight crushing his puny leg compared to the footballers humongous leg.
“It’s okay, Honey, we’re going to the hospital right now” Cheryl said lying a little so that he would feel better about his excruciating pain that he could hardly bare. When he had looked at it he saw that his bone had squished through the skin making his blood pour out on to the stretcher he was on. When he had seen that he felt a little nauseas because he had never seen that much blood in his entire life, especially his own blood. As he arrived at the hospital the crew was all over him yelling and screaming out words to the doctor. He was in to much pain to care. All he knew was that he was getting his bone put back inside him even If it killed him.
They gave him a mask that had some in toxins called Nitrous oxide. That was a gas that put him out within seconds he went back to school the next day and just like at the hospital everyone was all over him except for now he was right side up and in crutches that were starting to really hurt his under arms.

Except there was one difference about what he was thinking about from the hospital the only thing he could think about was his ex girlfriend who later on asked if he was okay but that was after the crowd had washed away gossiping about his leg and how he broke it. The thing is all he could think about through the day was how he broke my leg or who broke it and then he would have to find some sort of revenge for them.
He went back to the hospital after a few weeks for his cast to be taken off and for a removable brace to be put on. When he went back the doctors’ office, the doctor inspected him for an annual check up and he found a cancerous mole. That frightened his Parents horribly. The doctor said that it was early enough to cure the cancer though he might get it when he’s older. But that was fine with his parents as just long as he would have a longer life.
20 years later…
Jayden passed away from the cancer he had gotten when he was fifteen and his parents just couldn’t bare life without him. So they went to see a therapist thinking maybe that could help their life, but they were wrong. So they killed all their children so they couldn’t be reminded of their beloved son Jayden. Except they didn’t kill all the children, they left one…

His name was Jesse; I would know that because I was the only one they didn’t kill. They decided not to kill me because I was Jayden’s closet sibling to him. Even though I was the youngest, we bonded the most. I knew everything about him. A little while later I committed suicide not wanting to be away from him ever. But I made sure I finished and published my story first. So you could read the story of Jayden Jameson Brown.

The author's comments:
my best friend Kourtney inspired me to do this piece i hope people like it and enjoy it

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