The Island

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

“I caught one,” announced Dylan as he held the fish in his hand.

“Throw it back in the water, it has to be bigger (Character speaking) ,” responded Jason.

Jason turned away from the fish and was looking where his boat was heading. Dylan was tired so he laid back in the nearest chair near him. Jason was Dylan's older brother, had served in the military at age 23, he was now 26. Jason checked on Dylan and before he knew it they were both asleep on Jason's boat.

“Jason, Jason,” Dylan kept saying urgently, Jason finally woke up. Jason saw the look on Dylan's face and knew something was wrong. Dylan didn't say anything but lead Jason to the top of the boat. Jason realized that he was on an island and looked at the gas tank, and noticed that there was not one drop of gas left. I didn’t turn the boat off, Jason thought (Character thinking).

Jason told Dylan, “let’s go see if we can find some food around the island“. After hours of looking for food they gave up (Participle) . All they found were four bananas which were slightly yellow (Appositive).

“ We only have the bananas and our snacks that are on the boat, what if we run out of food?,” Dylan yelled.

“ We won’t run out because I’m going to find more food,” Jason replied.

“Okay let’s go,” Dylan said as he looked at Jason.

“Stay here and watch over the boat, I‘m going to go by myself,” Jason told Dylan.
Dylan didn’t like it but listened to Jason and stayed on the boat as Jason farther more into the island (Character reacting). Jason started on a trail and kept looking around for food but couldn’t find any. Jason noticed the tall green trees and the warm weather it felt weird to him because him and Dylan were from Michigan where it is cold most the time

The sun started to go down , “I should get back to Dylan“, Jason thought as he looked behind him trying to remember which way he came from. Jason heard noises coming around him in the bushes. He looked around but no one was around, the noises started to scare Jason. Dashing, back up the trail to his brother Dylan in about 21 minutes (Adjectives shifted out of order) . After Jason was done dashing he was breathing hard, looking for Dylan and couldn’t find him (Action verb). But Dylan was on the side of the boat fishing silently, he caught one but this time it was big enough to eat.

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