i am gray

May 24, 2010
By poisenouspoet012 SILVER, Newark, New Jersey
poisenouspoet012 SILVER, Newark, New Jersey
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when you love someone you give them the power to break you

Gray the color of the storms that try to abolish the life we’ve chosen. Never the shape of the person but the color of the shadows we all simultaneously step on. The colors of our tears when they fall to the ground. Gray the color of the steps you use to get to the top but soon enough we find that the top is not a possibility. It’s tired and weary. The child inside me is begging to escape but the gray blurry brick wall will not let her reach out. Black and white are clear but has anyone ever realized the compromise GRAY.
It’s the color that’s never noticed. Everything fades to gray, it’s overshadowed and unclear. Confused with the silvers of this world, but never bright enough to shine. I am gray, unnoticed but unafraid. It’s the color of life taken and left behind. The color of true sanity, and peace of this world. The color of broken hearts. I AM GRAY. Still yet moving, always changing.

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