The City of Pittsburgh Part I

June 13, 2010
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Rowna didn't want to move. But she had to. Her mother said that Pittsburgh held 'wonderful new chances'. So Rowna had to pack up her few belongings and move out of her farm house in New Vineyard, Maine. Not that life her was perfect, and it wasn't as if Rowna was leaving any great friends behind, but still. It sucked. And now she was forced to endure long hours in the car, just staring out of the window at the trees, hills, and rocks that seemed to be the majority of Pittsburgh. And when Googled, what was the best thing about Pittsburgh? The sports teams. Rowna groaned mentally. After about ten more minutes of boredom, Rowna submitted to sleep.

When Rowna finally woke up, she thought that she might be in the middle of a strange and twisted nightmare. Her mother was gesturing excitedly towards... a huge hill. Then Rowna looked up. Up at the very top of the hill was what appeared to be a house, although it was hard to tell from this far away. It really was a big hill.
"Well, what do you think?" her mother asked.
"Won't we have trouble, like,... breathing? I mean that is one HUGE hill."
"Rowna, don't be pessimistic. You won't make any new friends at school that way. Speaking of which, you have to be at your new school in... two hours! Go get ready!'
"What?" Rowna cried. "I have to go to school TODAY?!"
"Of course," said her mother, "now hurry up and get ready!"

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