Prison Killer

June 12, 2010
By Music15 BRONZE, Shokan, New York
Music15 BRONZE, Shokan, New York
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The Prison was considered one of the best prisons in the state and on that side of the country. But something was going on that no one knew about. It took a major killing of three inmates to show everyone what was really going on and to shut down the prison. This is the story of what had happened.
When they found the bodies of the inmates, the walls and floor and ceiling were covered in blood. James, Troy, and Martin. James was in for Theft, he had less than a year left. Troy was in for the Blackmail of 10 people, he had 2 years left. Martin was in for defrauding customers at a company that he didn’t even work at, he had a year left.
James was killed with a butcher knife and had his heart cut out and his head cut off. Troy was killed with a pistol and was shot in the head and the killer used the butcher knife and cut off his arms and legs. Martin was killed with a machine gun and had so many bullet holes in him they couldn’t count them until they took him to the morgue and they took them all out and they found he had been shot 400 times , a machine gun can shoot 400- 1200 in a single round.
The police found the knife, pistol, and machine gun either buried on the ground of the prison or in an office of one of the guards or in a guards home. The guard’s name was Chris. His wife and little girl had been killed by three men and put in Prison but the men he killed wasn’t the ones who had killed them. The ones that had killed his family had been put to death 3 years ago.
The guard had requested night duty and was granted the permission. It was his first night on duty so he went to each cell of the three inmates and got them out and put them into one single cell and killed them all. Their blood covered everything. The other inmates heard the guns and heard the screams and started yelling. The other guards heard the guns and the screams and came running guns drawn. They saw the cell and the bodies and the guard. They grabbed the guard and arrested him he was out on trial and soon after put to death. Before he was given the injection he said in front of reporters and family member of the inmates,” I do not regret what I did; I did it for revenge for my wife and daughter who were killed 3 years ago. Their killers were put to death the same way I am being put to death all I have to say is bring it and make it fast so I can be with my wife and daughter.” And they put the injection in and with a smile on his face he died.
The state called Chris a man who had been so depressed and so enraged that he became insane. When the searched his house they found everything Nazi symbols to pictures of the three inmates that killed his family and the three inmates he killed with paper next to them with plans of what he was going to do. No one knew what he was going to do because he acted normal to everyone but I guess that’s how it almost always is.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a portfolio project for my English class and this was one of my absolute favorites.

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Yo' Mama said...
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