Light in the Night

June 11, 2010
By AlexisDuque BRONZE, Mentone, California
AlexisDuque BRONZE, Mentone, California
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While the late night life stirs and awakens, most people close thier windows, doors, and eyes to the streets cruelty and negativity. The man down the street locks his doors. The single mother of three tucks in her children and prepares to go to work. The newly weds sit and watch a movie. But what does Mr.Jameson and his four year old daughter, Niki, do?

They go for a walk in the night. Mr. Jameson guides Nicki under the street light to resrain her fears. They pass a man sleeping under a park bench and young Nicki asks her father,"Why doesn't he have a bed, Papa?"

Mr.Jameson chose his words carefully,not wanting to give her an answer that would upset her,but with enough detial that she would not care to ask anything else on the subject."'Cuase he doesn't have a bedroom like you and I do."

Nicki was satisfied with that. After all,how can someone have a bed without a bedroom? "But why doen't he have a blanket? It's cold, Papa, can't he get sick?Shouldn't we do something?"She saw that all he seemed to cover himself with was a piece of cardboard.
"Well, Nicki , what do you suppose we do?"

They returned home, retrieved a blanket from the hall closet, and placed it next to the man's head.Then little,satisfied Nicki wished to continue her walk.

They pass through the park with a second disruption from Nicki.A tree that has fallen, and it just lays desolent and silent."What's the tree doing ,Papa?"

"It died,Nicki. When something getS to old, it dies."

"But what if the tree had a friend? What if the tree's friend doesn't have a friend anymore?Won't it be lonely?"

So Mr. Jameson took his daughter and bought a new tree and planted in next to the old,fallen tree.

"Now the tree won't be so lonely any more,right Nicki?" asked Mr.Jameson.

"Nope,not anymore,Papa." The two continued thier walk till Niki gets sleepy and the two get back and tuck Nicki back into bed.

Mr.Jameson sits down next to his wife after Nicki has had her story and fallen asleep.

"Anything happen today?" she asked.Mr.Jameson goes through what happend on thier walk. "That's good.Nicki never loses her curiosity on your walks and you never do fail to deliver." says Mrs.Jameson.

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