Party Last Night

June 11, 2010
By hiddenpoet SILVER, East Meredith, New York
hiddenpoet SILVER, East Meredith, New York
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There was a party last night. It was crazy. Totally random, ya know. Like, my friend calls me at like... I don't know 4 o'clock. He's like "Yo Dan, I'm having a party, bring your girlfriend." So I head over to my girlfriend Samantha's house, take her and we get there around 5. So we walk in, and the music is totally blaring, like, why the cops weren't there already, I had no clue. But anyway I walk in and my friend Jonny Boy, the one who hosted the party, hands me a beer. "We're having a beer chugging contest" he said. "First to 15 beers wins. You in?" I loved drinking. I was only 17, but hey, I was a party animal. So I say "Yeah I'm in. When's it start?" He nodded to my worst enemy... Damon. "Now" said Jon. I slammed my first beer down so fast as my Samantha watched with a look of satisfaction on her face. Real quick I grabbed the second one off of the table next to me. That one was easy too. The third, fourth, and fifth ones were so easy. The sixth one started getting harder. I was gonna be wasted within 3 minutes. Man this was gonna be bad. Oh, crap, I thought, I gotta be Damon though. I starting slamming them down my throat harder and faster than the other ones. I get to my twelfth drink. I start chugging, spilling half of it down my front because I was so wasted, when Jonny exclaims "Winner!" Are you kidding? I lost. That's what I was thinking, until I looked over at Damon who was passed out on the floor. "He quit at ten" said Jon. "You win!" Yes. This was awesome. "Awesome" I said as I looked at the approving Samantha. "Come here babe" I said slurring my speech. I grabbed her, missing her waist and grabbing her stomach, but she helped my adjust. Then we started a total make-out session right in front of everyone. "I had some too while you were in that contest" she said giggling. "Wanna have some fun?" She led me to Jon's bedroom after that. "He said he doesn't mind" she told me. She let go of my hand and laid down on the bed. She pulled up her shirt so I could fully see her stomach, but only the very bottom of her ribs. I pulled off my own shirt and started to get on the bed with her when I heard "What the hell are you doing man?!" I whirled around, tripping over my feet. It was Damon. "I'm gonna have fun with my girl" I said casually. "Your girl? That's my girl you son of a..." I pointed at him, though I was probably pointing about two feet to the right of him. "I don't know what you're smoking, but this is my girl. Sam is mine." He cocked his head and cracked his knuckles. "Since when?" he said menacingly. I grinned. "Since she asked me out." He dropped his knuckles. "She asked you out?!?" He roared. "We ben dating since we were fifteen. Sam stood up. "I can explain. I just wanted to try something different different. I'm sorry Damon. I'll leave this little drunkard to screw himself. Let's go have fun." Damon smirked. See he said. He didn't care that she cheated on him, I did though. "Sl**" I called after her. She ignored me. I screamed, swearing up a storm and trashing Jon's room. I cracked my knuckles and broke right through his window. Glass was stuck in my middle knuckle and the back of my hand, but I didn't care. I was out of there. I left that party and went home. That's why I'm a good boy now. I don't party or drink. This is how things should be, me with my new girlfriend, and I reject party invitations. But I'll always feel like I had a horrible party last night.

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