A Summer Night

June 7, 2010
I let my fingers dig into the sand. The scent of the ocean filled my lungs as I took a deep breath; trying as hard as I could to choke back tears. I was unsuccessful. I blinked hard and kept my eyes closed for a moment. Questions ran through my head. Why was this happening? The sky felt as if it was falling in my world, but in reality it was painted pink as the sun set behind the ocean.

“Get out of my house!” my mother shrieked from inside. I fixated my eyes straight ahead on the ocean. Watching as each waved crashed upon the beach. Then suddenly the sound of glass shattering was carried in the air. I turned quickly, facing the direction of my broken home. Figures moved about inside. Cuss words carried in the wind. “Make it stop, please. Make it stop,” I opened my eyes after my silent prayer. The front door slammed as my father walked out. He got into his car and drove away without even looking back. Suddenly I was aware of the silence. I listened, waiting; waiting for any sound or movement. But nothing was to be seen or herd. I got up from my place in the sand and started towards the house. I walked slowly, scanning that terrible structure, looking for a reason to turn away and go back to me seat.

I stepped up to the back door and peered into the window. I was stricken with horror as I looked around. I stepped inside. Shattered glass covered the floor, random items were thrown about, and pictures that were hanging on the wall now hung sideways. It looked as if a tornado has cut through the house. No one was to be found.

Cautiously I walked down the hall. I took each step softly as if the floor could parish at anytime from benieth me if I stepped too hard. As I walked passed the open doors I let my eyes glance in, looking for someone, anyone. My ears strained, searching for some sign that I was not completely alone. Finally, as I approached my parents room, smuggled sobs drifted to me. “Mom, where are you?” I spoke, trying to make my voice sound as smooth as possible. I waited in the hall for her response.

“I’m in here honey. I’ll be out in a second,” she replied. Her voice was shaky and filled with pain. Silently I waited. The quiet was almost deafening. My eyes burned, wanting to release tears, but I refused to let any fall.

The door knob turned slowly, I took a deep breath, preparing myself for whatever might happen or what I would see. She walked out; her eyes were red and puffy from crying. My eyes widened as I spotted her arms. “Mom, what happened?” My eyes slowly moved up from her arms and met her eyes. They glossed as tears began to gather. She blinked and kept her eyes shut for a moment as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Your father is gone. We were fighting when he picked up one of his empty bottles and threw it at me. I put my arms up and tried to protect my face. When the bottle hit my arms it shattered, cutting me.” I looked at her completely dumbfounded.

Waves of tears hit us. My mom wrapped her arms around me and brought me closer to her. There in the silence of the house we cried together. Right there it hit me. My mother was the only one I had left now. Not friends or boyfriends, for they come and go like the seasons, but my mother she will be there forever.

We cried for an hour and let everything go. After our session of crying we turn the music on. We played the music loud as we began cleaning up the mess. So many things had happed and now it was time to start new, just my mom and me together. This night my mom became my best friend.

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