Pierre Bondu

June 3, 2010
“Bonjour chacun,” I shouted to my fans as I entered the stage. Everyone was so excited, knowing that they were so close to their favorite singer, Pierre Bondu.

“Comment est chacun?” I asked them while in the background, the intro of my hit single, “Vudici” played. My absolute favorite thing to do is sing my heart out to people and hope to inspire all of them.
            ….. “Le merci, ayez un bonne nuit et Dieu bénit,” I shouted to the crowd, gasping for air. I exited the stage, said good night to my agents and directors, hopped on my
Mo-ped, and hustled off to my trendy loft located in the heart of Paris, La France. I can’t wait to spend my day off tomorrow relaxing with my beau wife, Julia, I thought.
            I parked my mo-ped to the side of the coffee shop building. My loft is above the coffee shop. I strided inside and the warmth made me feel so positive inside. And the scent of fresh coffee and homemade treats made me crave their delicious taste. I decided to buy two cinnamon dolce lattes and two slices of dark chocolate cake, Julia and I can have one of each. I carefully traipsed up the stairs, making sure to not spill coffee on my brand-new black Chanel trench coat. I opened the door to my loft and saw Julia glancing out our window that happens to have a lovely view of the Eiffel tower.
“Bonjour Amour,” I murmured to Julia, then kissed her on the cheek.
“Bonjour Pierre how was your night?” she asked me with her adorable Français accent.
“It was great, and I am happy to be taking a day off tomorrow so we can relax and maybe go shopping if you would like that,” I suggested something that I knew would make her get excited. I never let her wander around the city without me; she has to stay in the loft for a part of the day until I am back from work. So I usually treat her when we go grocery shopping in Paris because she doesn’t get out much.
“Oui, oui, j'aimerais le faire!” she shouted freely.
“Bien vous devriez aller dormir alors l'amour,” I told her.
“Ok, Good Night, Je vous aime,” she kissed me then skipped to our room. I always go to bed after her because I like to stay up and read my favorite books.
Our loft is always neat and tidy. It has a classy yet trendy feel to it. We hang up classic French art on the walls, we have a huge window in the living area that has the great view of the Eiffel tower, there is a spiral staircase leading up to the roof, and splashes of vibrant colors in every room. In the loft you can always trace a scent of freshly roasted coffee and homemade treats coming from down stairs. I like being in the loft at night time better than day time because the fabulous essence of Paris surrounds you entirely. And I love Paris; it’s the best place in the world.
Julia and I headed out shopping in some of our classiest clothes. I wore my Burberry pants and button-up long-sleeve, a cashmere scarf, Armani boots, and my gray Gucci coat. Julia wore her finest Burberry zip-up dress with the classic French beret hat that made her look as stunning as a red carpet actress. We headed down septième avenue and strolled into Dolce & Gabanna’s. I love having free time in Paris, eating some of the most delicious food, buying clothes for Julia and I, and watching American tourists trying to find the Eiffel tower.
“Why didn’t you comb your hair Pierre?” Julia asked me. My long, light brown, scruffy hair was carefree. I thought it completed my classy and mysterious look.
“Because I like it this way,” I said.
“Okay…….que voudriez-vous m'acheter?” she smiled.

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