A Popular Downfall

June 3, 2010
By reeldancer8611 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
reeldancer8611 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Whoosh!(figurative language)The school doors flew open as Kailee entered the hallway. The usual crowd of people part as she walks through.(How other characters react) She carried a sneer on her face as she looked at everyone. Her dark brown hair laid curled at her shoulders and her green eyes were as bright as ever.(appearance) She carried her Louis Vouitton bag right at her elbow, and her Jimmy Choo shoes clicked loudly on the tile floor. She walked to her usual spot next to all the cheerleaders, her family.

Kailee said, “Hi” in her normal high-pitched voice, and all the cheerleaders returned the greeting.(Speaking) Sitting down and pulling out her iPhone, she began to text the girl sitting next to her about her hair.(Actions and participle) It looks like a rat made a nest and died in your hair, read the text.. The girl quietly excused herself and hurried to the bathroom, she smiled. The girl returned moments later, eyes glistening, hair shining.(Appositive) She thought to her self that the girl looked worse than before and that her shoes were so last season.(Thoughts) Her best friend, a blonde barbie doll, walked over to them smiling.(Absolute) She carried her Juicy Couture purse and wore her Chanel kitten heels. “Its a disgrace to captain such an ugly cheer squad, I mean look, everyone is so ugly today, besides you and I,” Kailee whispered. Her friend just nodded and laughed lightly.

RING!(onomatopoeia) The first bell rang and she got up and started making her way to her locker. 8-14-32, it clicked open. Her locker, pink and glittery, flew open to reveal any designers' dream.(Adjectives shifted out of order) She howled a little inside because she forgot her prized, Hello Kitty pen.(Action Verb) She then started walking to her first class, math, with her books in tow. She had that I-am-so-much-better-than-you look as she entered the classroom.(Hyphenated Modifier and actions) She started making her way to her seat when the intercom turned on and called her down to the office. Her heart was racing, her fingers were shaking, and her knees were trembling from anxiety.(Magic 3) She still kept her head up high while she was walking down the hall.

She felt the brass office doorknob, she heard the chatter and gossip of the secretaries . That day's lunch smell tingled her taste buds, but she reminded herself she was on a diet.(Specific Detail for effect) When she entered the office, she sat quietly, shaking her foot. She was waiting to be called, waiting to know why she was even down here, and waiting to see if her make-up was running again.(Repetition for effect) Finally, she was called into the Principals office, and the head coach was there too. “We have decided to kick off someone from the cheer squad to make it more fresh, and more appealing. We have had the same girls for two years now, it's time for some change,” said the head coach. “Who are you thinking off kicking off?” Kailee said nonchalantly, the principal looked uneasy and replied, 'You.' In that single second the whole world was in slow motion, she wouldn't be captain anymore, she would lose her popularity status, she would lose everything. She felt rage for whoever would take the captain spot. “Who are you thinking of replacing me with? Kailee whispered. “Cassandra,” the head coach said, her best friend. Another mind blow. At that moment the world stopped spinning, and she fainted.(Expanded Moment) She woke up in the infirmary and felt as stiff as a log.(Simile) She hoped it had all been a dream but it hadn't. Crash! Her mind was spinning so fast, she was a cheetah in her mind.(Metaphor) She walked out of the infirmary and ran out of the school to get fresh air. It seemed like she was having a bad hair day.(Idiom) She couldn't wait until she got back to her home, a mansion, where she could finally relax in the hundreds of room.(Environment) When she walked back into the building, the class bell rang and people were walking in the halls. Whoosh! The school doors fly open as she enters. The usual crowd of people don't part away from her, it's like she had never been popular.(Full Circle Ending)

The author's comments:
I was inspired to do this piece because i have real life experience with this kinds of stuff.

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