Being Noticed...

June 1, 2010
By Peyton Deal BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Peyton Deal BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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I walk down the hallway to my locker, peering around the corner to see if he is there. He is not there yet, but he should be soon. I empty my backpack slowly, making sure that I will at least get a glimpse of his beautiful brown eyes, sandy blonde hair, and his sweet smile. Just as I finish up he comes around the corner laughing joyfully with his friends. I know he does not notice me, but I notice him. He puts his things away and closes his locker instantly. I have not left my locker yet, suddenly frozen in place by his presence. But I have to move now because the bell rings. I just have to wait until 3rd period to see him again.
As 3rd period comes around I see him again. He is sitting in math talking to his friends, again. And I know he does not notice me, but I notice him. I look at him and shyly smile to myself, thinking, “Why have I not got the courage to say a single word to him?” 3rd period ends, and now I have to wait until 8th period to see him. As I sit in 8th period social studies I notice him. He is talking to the girl he likes, and she likes him back. They carry on their conversation and flirt with each other while I sit there secretly envious of her. Again, at that moment I notice him but he does not notice me. But maybe that is how it is supposed to be for right now.

The author's comments:
This is a true story, and it happens on a daily basis to me.
I cannot wait until the day he notices me back!

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