what is this feeling in my heart . . . its beating your name (part two)

June 1, 2010
By lilyxoxo GOLD, Springfeild, Massachusetts
lilyxoxo GOLD, Springfeild, Massachusetts
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i finally found the guts to scream out and get my moms atention. sooner than i thought could be possible cole's dad was pulling him off me. as i slowly caught my breath again cole's mom and my mom helped me up and quickly checked to see if i was bleeding. "im ok i just want to know if cole's ok!" i kept insisting that they tell me he was perfectly fine but some thing inside me kept telling me something was seriously wrong. i looked over tyler mentally begging him to go inside and see if cole was all right. the members of cole's family still think i have issues for begging to be allowed to make sure my 'attacker' was ok. i just didnt understand what was going on at the time all i could do was sit on the ground and cry softly. thats when they called it quits they left me to my self to sit there on the grass . . . alone . . . to cry by myself over things my tiny little heart could never understand . . . things i still dont fully understand now almost 5 whole years later. when i finally ran out of tears i got up of the ground and tried to wipe away my grass stains. "oh well" i told myself as i slowly nonchalantly ran inside the house with a smile on my face. sometimes i miss the old me because no matter why i was crying i could always forget about it almost secounds later but because of what i witnessed next . . . heard next . . . saw next or however you want to say it; it changed my heart, my soul, and most of all it changed me and how i veiwed the world. as i walked to go to the bathroom i heard a wimpering noise followed by a slap noise. i kept on walkin not realizing what the noise was then i froze in front of coles room. my hands instandly grabbed my mouth to hold back my scream of shock. i lightly fell to the ground and softly wimpered as cole got hit again. i never thought that anyone would punish anyone like this my tiny brain went over all the ways i've been punished in my past even one that have really scarred my life and none of them said it was alright to do such a thing to a child. cole was actually crying . . . it was the frist time i ever saw anyone cry except when someone they haved loved really close had to leave . . . forever. then cole's dad hit him so hard one of his tears hit my cheek i let out a loud wimper this was too much to bear i couldnt hold it in anymore. cole looked up at me frist and let out a silent plea "help me sammy!" his voice cracked as his dad hit him harder. than cole's father turned his head to see what he was talking to and saw me. he quickly shoved cole aside and hid his hands behide his back tryin to hide what painful sight i just witnessed. " oh hey samantha hasnt your mother ever taught you not to scare adults like that you should no better." he started to get up but i ran away screaming "mommmmmyyyy!" i hit a leg and grabbed unto it with all my might almost knocking over cole's mom. i quickly wrapped my arms and legs arm around her and startedto suck my thumb. she picked me up and sat me on her lap " what's the matter sammy pam?" she gently asked me. "i saw . . . i saw him" i studdered to tell her. " saw who" her eyes got more concerned as she slowly realized both her husband and son were missing. my eyes darted to the window cole's dad was holding up a paddle i quickly lied to save my friend " i saw tim's spider" the fib was like acid to my tonuge the words burned through. eventually tyler and his mom left telling me "sorry for anything they might have done . . . eventaully cole limbed out side and gave me a hug "sorry about what i did" he told me " but thanks so much for stoping him your a real ninja hero" he gave me a weak smile and all i could do was sit there sucking my thumb 'didnt he know i didnt say anything?' i kept on thinking to my self. then eventually me and my mom left . . . left my best friend behind to be turtured . . .left to go onto a new chapter of my life only to have this old one catch 4 years later . . .

. . . to be continued

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this is a continuation of

what is this feeling in my heart . . . its beating your name (part one)

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