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June 10, 2010
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23rd July 1994

Dear my wonderful daughter Rosanne,

I love you. I would love to meet you now. You are two days old except when you read this you will be much older. I am moving house today. That is the reason you have never properly met me.

My family are very religious. They never knew about me and your mother. They would never speak to me again if they ever found out about you. I made Lily give you this letter. I have asked and asked for the past two days. I knew the very minute you were born and before that I would never be able to see you growing up. But I knew I wanted to have some connection with you so you knew how I felt. This is saying how I feel. Lily’s family have been so supporting. They said we should get married, except her family are Jewish. It would be against both of our religions. Is your mother still Jewish.

I wanted to call you rose because Lily’s home, the place where you were born is called Rose cottage. She said it was too short and you needed a name which could be shortened to Rose. That’s when Lily’s Nan your great granny came up with Rosanne. I hope you like it. I think it’s beautiful just like you and your mother. Is your middle name Lily or Eva? She hasn’t decided yet. She can never make up her mind about anything.
I wish me and your mother could have got married. You would have had lots of baby brothers and sisters. My family are moving to Ireland. I hope one day we could find each other again. I’m never going to be able to live my whole life if I don’t know anything about you. I bet you’re beautiful and clever and funny and caring just like your mother.

One day Rose, we will meet again. I will hold you in my arms like I was when you were born. Your Loving Father,

Robert Paul Collins

I read the letter and gasped, my father. Finally 18 years later I had found him.

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