One Less Town

May 31, 2010
By ShalBal BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
ShalBal BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
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Click clack, click clack, click clack, down walked the mastermind behind all of this madness. With seven security guards and four watch dogs surrounding him, he couldn’t even try to escape. As he sat in the execution chair I thought to myself “how can he feel no shame?” I stood next to Officer Marshall while clutching his arm oh so tightly as we both stared into the cold killers eyes. We were going to give him one last chance to tell us why he did such a crazy thing and what made him want to do this. As I sat across the room from him I realized how so very lucky I was to still be alive. I was one of the only survivors left from a town with a population of 2,000. It was so hard to look at the killer after think about what he had done to my family and all the other innocent souls of Dansville.

I could not believe I had witnessed my families’ death just a few short hours ago. It was about 11:30 at night and I was on my bed watching tv. My parents and little sister were out in the living room playing a board game when I heard a big bang. My mom let out a blood curdling scream, so I jumped out of bed and bolted for my bed room door. When I opened my door I did not except to see what I saw, the killer had my mom by the hair and in a split second she was already on the ground. He had slashed her throat in one slice leaving her to suffer and fight for her life. Everyone was so in shock and could not believe their eyes but it was far from over. The killer had more than just a machete; he lifted his shirt and to our surprise we saw three fully loaded guns tucked into his belt. He pulled the one closest to his right hand out and pointed it right at my dad’s forehead. I could only pray for a miracle and hope that he wouldn’t or couldn’t pull the trigger, but my wish didn’t come true. All I saw next was my dead father with a bullet through his head. My little sister didn’t know what to do besides curl up in a corner and cry. But the killer showed no mercy and went after her next. I screamed “Macy watch out!” but it was too late. He grabbed her by the foot and. I could not bear to see what he was about to do to her so I slammed my bed room door and began to sob. Two minutes later I heard a horrifying shriek and then silence. I couldn’t bring myself to open my bed room door so instead I called 911 and they came.
That’s when I met Officer Marshall for the first time, he knocked on my door and said, “Jenny are you alright?” I said “yeah I’m fine.” And then he told me I should try to come out. I resisted at first but after about five minutes I made my way out. I could not believe the mess the killer had made. I saw my mom and dad in a pool of their own blood along with all the cards from their board game. But I didn’t see Macy. Did the killer take her I asked to myself and then Officer Marshall called out “Jenny she’s over here!” I had a slim amount of hope that she was curled up in a corner just as she was upstairs in the living room. But I was wrong yet again, I was shocked to see my little sister hanging by a piece of rope from a pipe in our basement.
And then all of a sudden I heard someone say “alright alright I’ll tell you.” I blinked and saw the killer across the room from me. He was ready to talk now. He said “I did it because I had too.” Officer Marshall asked him “why did you have to have to do that?” He said “because I just did.” I began to get frustrated and could not take it anymore. I rose out of my seat and screamed “you don’t understand, you took my whole family from me, my everything. How could you? You have no soul, I hate you!” He didn’t say a word. Finally Officer Marshall said “I believe its time.” And the executioner secured the killer to the execution chair turned it on and with a flip of the switch he was dead. That was one less man in a town that used to be.

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