How Many People Do You Know That Can Count to Ten?

June 5, 2010
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30 Minutes

I passe back and forth from one table to the next within a rhythm. Step, step, step, turn, and repeat. I look down to see my Mary Jane black shoes on my feet on every turn. Oh, how do I hate them. My mother Dr. Francine Whitter made me buy them, just like every other single cheap piece of clothing I have.

31 Minutes

I continue to passe and as I do I look around. On these barren walls at The Fish Den are covered with the most hideous wall papers I have ever seen. All different types of fish from the Slander Lantern to the Yellow Perch, why anyone would pair these to up is beyond my knowledge, and their facts on top of a barf yellow backdrop. Then along the middle is a border of clams, that leads to a striped green and white bottom. Blah! On the ground is some type of carpet, which I have no idea about. It is so stained, you can't even tell which color is which. There has to be some type of health law about nasty carpets, but their wasn't then they would so create one when my father ever showed up.

33 Minutes

The waiter stares at me from the window on the door that leads to the kitchen. I think his name is Rudolfo, but who really cares. He has this slight curious, yet worried look on his face, just like when I happened to meet my mom's Dr. Francine Whitter's lover, by accident of course. I glare back at him, hoping he will turn away. He doesn't. Instead he comes out of the kitchen and asks for the billionth time if I needed anything.

"What was my answer 5 minutes ago when you asked me?" I said with a snarl.

He gulps,"Sorry miss, just making sure."

Of course he was, just to keep his boss off of his back. I have seen it all before when I have waited at other places, but they didn't have as long as a wait. I check my phone. It is 3:34 p.m. and he finally walks in.

My dad, Robert James, has a depressed look on his face. I'm guessing his last date didn't go well. His hair is out of place and he has the first signs of old man coming out of them. His blue eyes don't shine the same was as they did when I was younger, but they still are gorgeous.
I walk up and hug him. He hugs me back, just like he did when I was little. It had been so long since I had last seen him.

"How are you doing sport?" he asks just like usually.

"Pretty good, so I'm guessing she wasn't the love of your dreams," I say. He has been so lonely since mom Dr. Francine Whitter moved out and since I had to leave because of the stupid court's decision that she earned much more and could provide more for me. Blah!

"Nope, she is just so dang boring. I don't understand what is wrong with these women anymore. I think I have finally lost it."

"Dad you can never lose it, your wonderful, they are just lame and stuck up broads."

"Thanks Claire." Oh! By the way, my name is Claire Natalie James. It is longer, but I don't think anyone really cares to much about someone having three middle names, so instead I take the first one. "So, what is on today's plate?" he asks as he scans the room for a violation.

My dad is one of the best Pine Bluffs' health inspectors around. He could catch the slightest movement in any restaurant, not like it's any kind of accomplishment.

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming is the smallest rickety dink town in the whole state. We only have 1,153 people in the whole city, which makes meeting anyone hard to do. Mountain View beat us by one person, but me have more mileage for the fresh out doors.
"Well, I don't really know, but you were later than usual. Whats going on?" I ask, not expecting an answer.

"Nothing that concerns you. Did you notice anything in here?"

"Besides the ugly walls and carpets, blah, nothing really."

"Great, I just wanted to leave as fast as I can. Oh well, here I go." He walks his way back into the kitchen. The waitor who bugged me asks him why he is here. My dad lifts up the clipboard and walks right past him. I laugh.

Ten minutes later and my dad comes out. "It just barely passed.They will need to change their carpets, but it passed. You ready to go sport?"

I stand up,"I have been ready since I walked in," and we both walk out, juts like we used to.

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