June 5, 2010
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They sat on the white café chairs, sipping refreshing lemonade, after returning from the airport. The man sat there, slumped across the chair. He was wearing tan shorts with a tucked in maroon polo. He had brown hair, which was now cut extremely short, and his mustache was shaved off for the occasion. The man just stared at his sixteen year-old daughter with his dull blue eyes. She sat up nice and tall; he thought she had to be a good 5'7". Her slender figure was clothed in a simple orange sundress, and her feet were resting in a pair of bronze wedge sandals. Her brown hair, similar to the color of his, was pulled back in an elegant bun. She had a new found maturity and glow bouncing off her sun-kissed skin. She sat in the chair, leaning against its spine, looking into her father's eyes, with her large green ones.
The young waiter came by, refilled their glasses, and added a new, fresh lemon wedge to each drink. The man, happy to be in spending the afternoon with his daughter, lifted the glass up to his thirsty lips. They continued to sit in the awkward silence, as the sun beamed down on their heads, and warmed their bodies on the nice spring day.
"So's Chantal?"
"Your step mom? She's fine. She is in London this week introducing her new line of wedding dresses. She was very upset about missing this visit. She had been dying to see you again! She and Christopher miss you very much!"
" I know, I miss them too."
"So, how's you mother?"
"Ugh! The usual. Storming around the house, doing work and chores. When she's not doing that, she is complaining about how much she despises your visits."
The girl stopped, realizing that she had struck a chord in her father. He looked like a kid who just was notified that he didn't make the basketball team, and that he would have to wait until tryouts again next year. As dejected as he was, he managed to crack a smile and change the topic.
"Enough about your mother, how's school?"
"School is school. It's kind of fun. Soccer is great; we won the state championships back in the fall! I made High Honor Roll too! But yeah, I'm kept pretty busy between boy's, school, work, friends, and sports. I can't complain, my life is pretty good."
"Oh Dad, relax. It's nothing serious, It's just a few casual dates here and there. And plus, if anyone gives me a problem. I'll just call you and get you on a flight down here to give them a lesson or two. "
The two took a sip of the sweet savory drink in front of them, as they continued to talk. The girl sat there, laughing with her father. In her wildest dreams, she never would have imagined this scene. With the mood lightened, she decided it would be a good time to ask her father the gut wrenching question that has been eating away at her for ten long years.
"Dad, can I ask you a question?"
"Of course."
"Why did you and mom get a divorce?"
"Well, it's about time! I knew the day would come where you asked me this question. I just never thought it would be today!"

The man smiled and looked at his innocent daughter. He took a deep breath as a round little bumble bee flew by and landed on the rim of the girl's glass.

"You see that bee sweetie? We'll call him Trent. Trent and I are a lot alike. We both buzz around enjoying life and doing our duties. We don't bother anyone, but all people think is that we are nuisances. When I was married to your mother, she had a problem with my humor and calm state of mind. She thought I should be more serious and strict, especially with you. Yet, I didn't listen. I wasn't going to let my wife control my life and change me one bit. I am who I am, and no one can ever take that away from me."
"Well, if mom didn't like you, why did she marry you?"
"Your mother was not always as stressed out and angry as she is today. Actually, when we first met, she was a lot like me, funny and bubbly. Shortly after we had you, a flip just switched in her. But don't worry, she was just trying to be the best mother possible. She didn't want anything to happen to you. Sadly, somewhere in the chaotic joy of raising a child, she lost herself. With that, she got sick of me and we got a divorce. The most important thing to get out of this discussion isn't the reason why your mother and I got a divorce. I just want you to know that you should always be who you want to be. Just remember, that when life get's really good or really bad, don't lose yourself. You're a wonderful girl and you will get far in life. I love you sweetie, always remember that I love you."
The girl was on the verge of tears, tears of joy, as she got up and hugged her father. After the embrace, the two finished their satisfying lemonade, tipped the waiter, and then left. They skipped down the street, with their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders. They were laughing at each other's quirky jokes as the sun lightened their path and the breeze ran through their hair. Little Trent, was could be heard as buzzing behind him.
"Hey dad. Trent is singing a song!"
"What song?"
"He's is singing a song of hope. Hope for you, hope for me, hope for my mother, and hope for the world."
The man gently kissed his daughter on her forehead, and faintly whispered, "I love you." She just smiled back, and he knew she was saying, "I love you too."

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