My Love

June 4, 2010
By allisonwonder BRONZE, Mountville, Pennsylvania
allisonwonder BRONZE, Mountville, Pennsylvania
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I feel his innocent touch upon my skin, full of pure intentions. His words my haven, more beautiful than he’ll ever know; and his arms my fortress, stronger than rock. The breeze whips around our bodies, reminding us of the burdened world we’re tied to. I lean my head back, gently resting it on the rough wooden arm of a forgotten bench. Our souls soar through the sky, entangling with the clouds that represent our only limits. I look around me capturing the images I see to keep forever, begging time itself to freeze. The very moment my eyes meet his, I know instantly his heart wants nothing more than my own. My hopes slowly begin fading at the sinking realization that my deepest desires dwell with the impossible. Just as the spring buds slowly reach for the sky, I attempt lifting my spirits with everything in me. He pulls me close, building a shelter around me, and gently whispers a reminder of love in my ear. My muscles relax as I remember the many everlasting dreams my heart holds tight within.

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