The Wind

June 4, 2010
By allisonwonder BRONZE, Mountville, Pennsylvania
allisonwonder BRONZE, Mountville, Pennsylvania
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I can feel the wind as it brushes against every inch of my skin, raising each hair as it goes. It can’t resist playing with my curly locks as I lean my head back, allowing my mind to soar on its wings. My imagination reaches new heights as my feet carry me farther and farther away. The colors around me probe my every sense the moment I attempt absorbing it all. Although their buds have not yet bloomed, the trees stand strong, possessing a beauty as old as time itself. The faint scent of new life fills my lungs as the fresh buds of spring push through the soft Earth nearby. My only desire is to rest among the clouds as my eyes meet with the sky above. I can hear my thoughts run wild through the jungle I call my mind. I set my eyes on the horizon and drive my body onward, because I know it doesn’t all end here. While my heart beckons me to stay and even the birds send forth a plea, inside me lives a hope, a dream, a passion, a love, and a burning fire that will always keep me running towards what I know in my heart is true.

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