Janitor's Tale

June 3, 2010
By Mikhail Jackson BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
Mikhail Jackson BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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General Prologue:
There was also a janitor in this Foster Family. He was a fat young man. He is actually a Foster Alumni from Tukwila, but didn’t have the grades for college. He used to play football. So, he has very admirable traits. He always wore his uniform where ever he went because he never spent any of his money on clothes. He always spent it on video games. This is partly the reason why he didn’t succeed in school because he was always more concerned about his games. But what he lacked in school, he made up in personality. He is popular in any crowd, and a very, friendly crowd pleaser. This janitor was strong off of the work his parents gave him on the farm since he was five years old. His country style eating habits has gotten the best of him so he started to “belly” a little. He was tan from working out in the fields. He had light blond hair that swayed with the stocks, and it would be impossible to spot him out. He also had a goatee. He had the hormones of a monkey or chimp, and was a good lover. He was very clean, and washed his uniform daily. He loves Foster, and would love to die as its janitor. His name is Alvin.
The Host moves down the line toward the janitor and points at him. He said, "Janitor, it is now your turn. Please, tell us your tale, and make it good as it would destroy your reputation of parties and fun. Please, start and I would not be surprised if you won this contest of "whose tale is better than whose," and win this feast paid by your fellow peers. "Of course," said the janitor. "I will be telling you a tale as it is wise to listen to your elders, masters, and teachers as well as stay in school and don’t be so distracted by worldly things."

HERE BEGINS THE JANITOR's TALE: There was a small town named Sukwila, CA. In this small town populated of mainly families consisting of gamers, civilians with state of the art technology, and persistent, Olympic-bound athletes. There was only one school, and a boy named Ted. He was an All-Star quarterback for the school's team and the leading failure in his class. Most students did their work, but Ted didn’t think he had to because he had his important football career to look for. He had no time for math, or even needed it in his soon to be glory days. He was a major gamer, as well as all the kids, but this one like never before. Ted would play non-stop for hours, and without doing any amount of homework. Ted was the most fun guy in the crowd, and he loved to party. He had this one girl named Shawty, and she was the love of his life. Future has picked them to be together. They loved all the same things, did them all together and even their parents were alike to the other. They both even had the same goals in life. It involved football. Ted wants to become a pro football player for his favorite team the Koalas, and Shawty wants to be a cheerleader of that same team. The Koalas are best in the League with the most history of wins and statistics ever. The Koalas since the beginning of the sport quickly surmounted above the rest of the teams, and it has been this way since. Both of them already are being scouted. But Ted's super secret goal in life is to break the school's longest tummy slide through the school's main hallway. Both Ted and Shawty had mad skills at this super secret sport. They grew up with rumors and legends about this once in a life time chance to beat the school record. This school has even set the longest slide on your bare belly across a hallway floor in the world. Thus, setting the world record of Tummy Sliding ever. Tummy Sliding is done once a year during Winter break. The janitors host the games as they hold the keys to the building and are major gamers also. Everybody trusts the janitors and think they are cool because they just are. Since the beginning, it's been the weirdest thing for this small town that if you were a janitor, you would have all the hook ups throughout the whole town.

Ted has been planning on asking Shawty to marry him and breaking the school/world record this winter break Dec.29, 1212. He has been planning this for a long time. So he gets together everything for the big event. Ted practices in similar hallways for his Tummy Sliding event. Ted went and even got together a band and after-party plans for the event and also proposal preparations for Shawty. Of course, he asked for a lot of hook-ups through the janitors. When the day came, he was ready. Ted spent the whole morning and beginning of the day before the competition with Shawty. He took her on dates and the whole “sha-bang.” He asked her to marry him just the usual way through a mobile phone text with an attachment video of the proposal through their mphones. Without any moments to waste and any hesitation she said to her phone as she sent a reply back to him, “Yes.” She has been waiting for this moment for a long time also. So, both of them left for the party, afterwards happy as ever, wondering how wonderful this marriage will be. Ted was also thinking of his soon to be title of Tummy Sliding King, and he was confident he was going to break the school/world record. He has even planned this whole thing out. So, when he does break the record, he would tell everybody the good news. Ted said to Shawty, "I'll be right back baby. Wish me luck!" She did and also kissed him. This is what he's been waiting for his whole life. This is the town's greatest moments of moments, to break the school/world record of Tummy Sliding. Ted prepares himself in a quick fashion, and slides gracefully across the floor. He shatters the record way past the record's last distance. They partied all night, and Ted told everybody the good news and yelled, "Shawty and I are getting married in the summer.” Shawty has said in the past she always wanted to get married in June. Here I leave them.

They both got married, but the marriage was not going as planned. As time went by Shawty realized she was pregnant. They both accepted it, and were happy they were bringing a baby in this world. But as time also went by, Ted did not become the pro football player he thought he was going to be because he didn’t graduate from high school and dropped out. Shawty did although become a Koala cheerleader though, and of course head cheerleader of a matter of fact. This created major problems, but Ted had a fall back and became a janitor. The marriage was stable again, but Ted was still sulking about his dreams not becoming fully realized. He sulked to the point that it enveloped him. Ted was depressed because he had not fully actualizing his dreams because of his failure in school. He stopped being his normal, clean Ted. Ted became fat and ignorant. Ted started beating Shawty. They started to see councilors, but this didn’t help Ted much. Counseling actually made Ted angrier, and as the child grew up never knew the father to be happy ever. Shawty couldn’t take it anymore because Ted would stalk her wherever she went. She was never free. She had no chance or resolution except to just call the cops. Later, Ted and Shawty divorced. Their kid eventually forgot about the dad, and lived fine without him to be a very successful nerd. As time changed, gaming was not as popular, and this affected the janitors. People realized janitors were not as cool as they thought, and they fell down in social status. Now everybody was interested in improvement and was in the trend of high-waters, suspenders, and pocket protectors. It was the era of the nerds. Ted was looked down upon lower and lower. His title of the broken tummy slide was not even important anymore because some kid two years later broke it no problem. In the end Ted ruined his life playing too much video games, and did not listen to his elders in staying in school to take school seriously for your future. He lost the girl, and was eventually arrested for trying to kill his wife and child. HERE ENDS THE JANITOR's TALE.

The author's comments:
This is my made up tale similar to the tales of Canterbury Tales. It was a project due, and my inspiration towards it was my ideals of a perfect guy with a perfect life. He made some choices about school that weren't the best and he suffered the consequences.

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