The Art of Jealousy

June 7, 2010
So, he texted me yesterday asking me if I was going to fair. I told him that I was. He asked me not to show up with another guy... Even though I'd recently broken up with him for cheating. So, I was nice and showed up with a girl... And he did too. And not just one, but two girls. He started making a scene and I should've just walked away, but I yelled back and told him to come get his stuff from my house tomorrow. I was so mad. The girl I was with and I walked off. Then another girl I was supposed to meet with showed up with her boyfriend and we were all hanging out. We went on a ride and there was a bench by the exit. My ex, the little sl**s, and the guys he was with were all waiting over there sitting on the bench. I was friends with all the guys over there so I went over with the people I was with and started talking. Then, I turned my head and... OMG! My freaking savior! It was my best friend in the world (and very sexy ex)! I ran over to him and jumed into his arms as he lifted me off the ground. I could feel the other guy's eyes on my back. Kris spotted the loser before I even pointed him out. We stood not far away from the group in plain sight. Tons of people walking by stopped to talk to Kris. Then a group of abot six or seven guys all around his age (19) came up to us. We all talked and I was enjoying myself. The girl I was with was talking to one of the guys and they looked like they were having a good time. Me? I was torn between Kris and one of his friends. By the end of the night both of them were hugging me and tickling me. Kris was the one who ended up driving me home, though. All in all it was a great night. I hope that oter loser cried himself to sleep =)

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