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May 31, 2010
By chakeec1 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
chakeec1 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Since long ago, Johnny has been counting down the days until graduation. He has only 39 days left at the Culver Academies. After four years, he is sick of classes, but doesn’t want to leave his friends. It is ironic considering he has been waiting for this day for so long, but now that it is fast approaching, he doesn’t want to leave. He has all of his friends at school and how can you replace them? They are like a second family.

Every night, Johnny and his friends play intense games of volleyball until the sun goes down. After that, they relocate to their “night field” wiffle ball field for some more intense gaming. It are these simple times that he will miss the most. Being able to walk three feet down the hall and being in your best friend’s room is another thing he will miss.

He is getting to his final week now. He is trying to do that he can to make memories that will last him a lifetime. When he was an underclassman, he couldn’t wait to be a senior. Now that he is a senior with such a short time left here, he can’t help but wonder what life after Culver will be like. He can’t help but wonder… what’s next?

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