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May 30, 2010
By InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
InkFeather SILVER, Quezon City, Other
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I was quietly eating my lunch at the cafeteria one peaceful day at school. I usually sit at the far corner, where nobody will ever notice me. I am a loner and I am fine with that. I still talk to some people though, but not that often. I enjoy my little quiet world alone.

As I was sipping the orange juice out of its carton box, a food fight occurred. I decided that I should leave before I got involved, so I grabbed my shoulder bag and books and made my way to the door right across the room.

I sincerely wished I was invisible that time. I was halfway to the door, still trying not to get any attention from the people food fighting but unfortunately, some guy threw a sandwich at me and immediately, I became everyone's target. I could feel the food smacking all over my body, not comfortable at all. They were laughing out loud and I'm about to cry when some teachers finally arrived.

The food fight ended nasty and to make it worse, they said it was me who started the food fight. I was really angry but there's nothing I could do so I just headed to the detention room.

I was sitting there, still removing the small pieces of lettuce stuck in my hair when a guy entered the room. It was that troublemaker guy named Tim. He sat beside me while trying to keep his laughter inside him knowing the fact that I look funny. We were not allowed to talk to each other during detention, so I just ignored him, I don't want to talk to him anyway. I turned around and never looked back at him.

After a while, I felt his finger poking my back, but I ignored it. He kept on poking me until I finally snapped and turned around and saw him showing his right palm with a note written on it, "sry u gt dtentioned"

So he was the one who started the food fight. But I don't know why I don't hate him for that, maybe its because of those puppy eyes beggin' for forgiveness. I don't have my stuff that time so I borrowed his pen and started scribbling notes on my palm as well, "Well, your sorry won't change a thing now."

"i knw...so how can i make it up 2 u?"

"Just leave me alone and that would be enough."

"r u sure? :("

"Yes, I am sure."

"hw abt we make a deal? i won't let u get in2 anymore trouble if u agree 2 go out wid me?"

Just as I was about to turn the deal down, a teacher came in telling us that detention is over. He quickly ran through the door while shouting and laughing out loud, "Its a deal, Maye! You have to, or else I'll kill myself. I'm serious!"

Then the teacher asked me what was that about, but I was unable to answer. I headed out with this feeling of extreme happiness that I want to jump up and down.

I might just try it his way for once, I don't want any more pieces of food in my hair, you know?

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