Who Will I Pick?

May 29, 2010
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Serrina and Nathan were a popular couple. Everybody knew them. Most couples wanted to be like them. Untill Troy Batman came to their high school. When Serrina saw him she fell apart. She thought he was the most beautiful guy in the world(minus Johnny Depp). He had dark brown hair and green eyes. They sparkled in the sunlight. She couldn't keep her eyes off him. Right then and there she wanted to be with him.

Two months later Serrina was still thinking about him. She was hoping that he would ask her out. But there was one problem. Nathan and Troy had became best friends. They would tell everything to each other and play hockey and lacross together. There also anpther problem. Nathan and Serrina were still going out with each other. Serrina had enough of him because he would pay her no mind and would flirt with other girls.

"I really like you and if you don't like me thats ok."

But she thought oh my god I would die if he doesnt.

"I like you to." He said hestitly

Serrina smiled, but she couldnt belive the words to respond. Butterflies flutterd in her stomach.

" But Nathan is my best friend and your still his girlfriend.' he said heartbroken.

"But i can break up with him for you. Or maybe you could pick one of us." She sounded unsure but she could make it work.

"Wait don't." He tried yelling across the sidewalk but she wqs running to her car. Troy had a tough descision. Who will it be? Nathan or Serrina?

The next day Serrina and Nathan were standing next to each other Serrina was smiling but Nathan wasn't. He suspected that something was going on.

"I pick ...... uhhh......Serrina." Troy said stuttering.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME." Nathan with a furious yell.


Nathan walked away with lots of rage in him. He was thinking about revenge but how. He thought long and hard. Finally Nathan thought of something so good that it would make Serrina and Troy wished they weren't together.

One dusky moring Serrina was walking to her car. But it wasnt there. She turned around slowly. Suddenly Someone in black suit ran out and grabbed her mouth. She kicked and tried to scream but his hands was tightly covering her mouth. The person put her body in trunk of the truck but she was still kicking him. So he slammed her head against the side of the trunk.

At school Troy got worried. He asked all of Serrina's friends if they'd seen her. They all said no. He noticed that Nathan also wasnt there either. He got suspitious. Finally the bell rang for school to begin. He ran up the school stairs and the door shut right behind him.

The person took Serrina out of the trunk and took her in a cabin in the far back woods and changed her clothes into a orange jumpsuit.

Finally Serrina had regained consousness. She woke up hanging on the wall with chains over her hands.

"Now do you regret breaking up with me.'"The person said.

" What?" She said crying, shaking, and mostly confused.

" You dumped me for Troy remember. Im Nathan your ex-boyfrined."

Oh my god. She thought. Why would he do this to me?

" Whats your problem? You have me haning on the wall wit chains on me. Doyou even have a heart?"

" I did but you took it away from me." He walked away.

Serrina was so angry that she started to cry even more.

Troy recived a weird text saying 'meet me n the far back woods near the water fall. dont be late youll b in 4 treat.

Troy did as he was told. He started walking too. In about twenty minutes he found the cabin and walked in side. The first thing he saw was Serrina hanging on the wall.

" Oh my goodness, who did this to you?" It almost sounded like he was going to cry.

Before she could answer they heard footsteps coming near them. Troy hid under the bed that was next to her. When Nathan came into the room he looked into Serrina's gray eyes and saw hope and happiness he knew that someone was in the cabin with them.

Troy was still under the bed . Then his cell phone buzzed. Nathan looked under the bed. When he was getting close to him Troy punched him in the nose. Nathan backed up gushing blood. Troy came up from the bedand stood up. He started to punch and attack him. When Nathan ran out the door he dropped the keys. Somehow Serrina grabbed the keys with her foot and unlocked her self. When she went outside she saw Troy on the ground getting kicked and beaten. Serrina ran and screamed. She jumped on Nathan's back .She the water fall and was determained to push him over the ledge. But he got ahold of arms and threw her on the ground. When Troy saw that he wasn't having it. Troy punched him backing up to the waterfall. One last punch would do the deed. Nathan fell over the hedge and landed in the waterfall.

Troy called the police and they were searching for Nathan's body but coldnt find it. But they thought it was all over.

" If Nathan really loved he would of done that to me". Serrina said relived.

" I know i would never do that to you becuase I love you".

Serrina had a big smile on her face. She was happy she had him and nothing else would break them apart.

Or is there........

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RachelAndrea said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 7:03 am
I am so happy that my story that got on this website. Two in row. WOW. That is very exciting. my dream is coming true for being a writer!!!
Authorgal98 replied...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 6:58 pm
This was real good! Did Nathan survive? *gasps* =O
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