Pleasure and Pain

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

John’s family had owned the most successful stocks over the past 40 years. John grew up in a rich neighborhood and got whatever he pleased, whenever he pleased. While most students took a bus to school, he took a Rolls-Royce. While most children were happy with their own bedroom, he was happy with his wing of the 58 room mansion. Whatever he wanted he got. When his father died he received full ownership of the company. The company already had an estimated net worth of 30 billion dollars. When John was in control the value only shot up. John had a nice wife and a daughter. They were very close and spoiled each other all the time.
On the other hand Tim grew up completely different. He grew up poor in East L.A. Sometimes they would have to move into relatives’ houses. He would share a room with his mom and brother. He rode the bus to school, and was happy he didn’t have to live on the street. He didn’t get much, but was grateful for what he had. He graduated high school, and was lucky to get a college scholarship to UCLA. He struggled to pay for books and fees, and often his family didn’t buy groceries so he could get a degree. He managed to obtain a job at a small stock brokerage. He owned about five percent of the company. Every time he made money he would put it into the bank. He got married had a son and moved into a small house. They were close and had fun with the money they could spare.

The economy looked as if it might tip over soon. John’s company mainly had money invested in large companies, such as Toyota and many banks. Tim kept to his small stock brokerage company. Many people began to sell their shares. Most stocks were already plummeting and people didn’t want to lose more. John was unsure of himself and sold about a fourth of all his stocks. Tim only continued to buy more including some of Jim’s to the large company. Tim decided to start his own stock firm. People questioned him, but he still did it.

John’s stocks kept plummeting. He wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know much about stocks and never did any work, he just inherited almost everything he had. John knew he couldn’t keep living the same way. He moved out of his super mansion to a more modest 30 room mansion. His experts told him to sell most of his shares, but he refused. They kept dropping. He hoped for a rebound, but it wouldn’t come. He sold half his shares and kept the other half.

Tim meanwhile had about 1.5 million dollars saved in the bank. This would be promising for him. Tim had not inherited all his money. He worked hard and knew how to invest. He looked for days trying to decide what to do with his money. He saw which companies had been advancing quickly. Most had dropped significantly like the rest of the market, but some had been rocketing along before. Soon, Tim saw his investment returning for him.

John’s company dropped off the 40 most successful stock brokerages in Money Monthly. Tim stepped in at number 40. The tables turned. A man, who inherited his extremely vast fortune, lost almost all. A man, who made all his money and worked hard made significant amounts of money.

John ended up selling his stock company. Since he knew almost nothing he found people to invest part of his fortune for him. He retired and his family became a regular, fairly-wealthy family. His children never inherited the fortune they were once promised. Jim was never prepared to be a stock broker.
Tim made millions more while others struggled. He knew how money should be invested and the best times to do so. His family was not going to be regular middle class citizens anymore. They would be among the wealthy elite. Tim had made his family’s reputation. His son went to college and majored in finance. He would continue the family business.

The author's comments:
This story is about two people during the great stock market crsis we just had.

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