Betty's Diner

May 29, 2010
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Setting: Old diner with Betty working at counter. In walks Johnny with a big heavy coat on. He takes it off and sits down at table.

Johnny: Its freezing out there and its been pouring all day.

Betty: So how you doing hun?

Johnny: Good, how goes business, Betty?

Betty: Usual. So, what you gonna have? The regular? The fried bologna sandwich or fa somethin different?

Johnny: I’ll have da usual but no fries. I’m uh uh watchin my intake.

Betty: Gotcha, but hey look at me. I’m 74, I still got fizz and I’ve been eatin here all my life.

Johnny: I know Betty, but its um doctors orders.

Betty: No chocolate milk shake either?

Johnny: No, I’ll have the shake.

Betty: O.K. I’ll put a rush on it.

Betty walks out and comes back in with his food.

Betty: Here ya go, fried bologna sandwich with cheese, no fries, and a chocolate milk shake. Just how ya like it., well minus the fries.

Johnny: Thanks Betty. You da best. (Johnny eats his food)

(Betty walks in with the bill.)

Betty: Here you go sweetie.

Johnny: (He sighs and looks at the bill.)

Betty: Whats da matter hun? Ya seem a little down, money gap again?

Johnny: Yeah (sighs)

Betty: Don’t worry its on me, remember I’m here for you.

Johnny: Well, thanks so much. I’ll find a way to pay ya back.

Betty: (She looks out at parking lot. Its pouring outside and she notices no cars in lot. She pauses and looks hard at Johnny) No cars in the lot.

Betty: What happened, lost ya car?

Johnny: Yeah, had to sell it. Took the bus.

Betty: There ain’t more buses comin after 9’oclock hon. I’ll give you a ride.

(Radio announces : 10 Car accident have been reported due to a slide that blocked the road. Police are saying that no one should be driving in this weather.

Betty: Well I guess ya are bunkin here. You get da extra room in the back okay?

Johnny: Um, listen Betty I got a confession. Um. I lost my apartment and couldn’t pay for rent no more. I was gonna try to get a hotel tonight.

Betty: Hun, you didn’t have enough money for dinner. How do ya think you was going get a hotel?

Johnny: Um, I know a guy who works there in maintenance. He has got keys to the rooms.

Betty: So you was gonna sneak in there and not pay so you could get a room. That’s illegal. I’m really disappointed in you. You went to doing illegal stuff before you came to me for help.

Johnny: Sorry Betty.

Betty: And did you think that this guy might want something in return and could turn you in fast if ya didn’t give it to him?

Johnny: No. (He looks down in shame)

Betty: Well, I guess I been lecturing you enough for now. Get to bed and we’ll have to make bed arrangement more permanent.

Johnny: Thanks Betty. Sorry about all of it.

Betty: (sighs) Its okay you got time to learn. Just want ya to learn fast enough before you get in real trouble.

Johnny: (He goes to bed)

Betty; (She pick up the dirty dishes and put them into the sink.) I don’t know what I’m gonna do with him. (She hangs up the apron , turns off the light and walks off)

Scene 2

Betty: (early in the morning back in the diner. Betty serves people breakfast and pours coffee) 20 seconds

Johnny: (He walks in from the back)

Betty: Hey, yur up. (She pours him cup of coffee) 10 seconds.

Johnny: Mornin Betty.

Betty: How did ya sleep?

Johnny: First time I ever slept without having to fall asleep with sirens screaming.

Betty: (She smiles)

Betty: Glad ya got ya rest cuz today your gonna get a good job that pays.

Johnny: What? (He looks surprised.)

Betty: You heard me – youre gettin a job. What kinda stuff you interested in?

Johnny: Uhm, I dunno.

Betty: Well you’re pretty close to this place and that’s a good start but you’ll need training in management but I can teach you.

Johnny: Are you sayin I’d be the new manager? But, Betty you’ve been the manager for 51 years!

Betty: Exactly, but I still own the place so I can keep an eye on you. Besides, I get a rest and you get the money you need.

Johnny: But… But.. I cant do that this is your place!

Betty: Listen honey, you’d be doin me a favor… and yourself a favor by taking this.

Johnny: I… I… I don’t know what to say but you know I’d help you without pay.

Betty: You need this. We are starting training in management first thing tomorrow. But today you gonna just watch how everything is done from clearing dishes to bathroom maintenance. Now go start watchin. We don’t have time to waste . (She is clearing table and wiping it clean with a cloth as she talks) You just start with the kitchen and then on to the cash register. (Lights out)


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