The Trip of a Lifetime

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

As time was arising, around midnight my aunt, uncle, my cousin, Hunter, my sister, Skyler, and I were all loading our bags into the car to head down to Alabama for spring break. I wonder what adventures will happen this year while we're at Gulf Shores? Oh I can feel this is going to be the best
spring break ever.

When we arrived in Alabama on Saturday at 7:00 pm we decided to check into the hotel. As I opened the creaky door I didn't think it would be pretty. Stunned after I opened the door, I dropped my bags and I took a look around the huge condo. As I threw open the door my feet had felt like I was in a palace with the marble floors. I'm so glad we had three bedrooms we could of used the third one for my annoying sister that snores a lot. We'll give her the little mermaids room. As I stepped into the bathroom I saw a scaly creature, it was so gross it smelled like it just came out of the ocean. I take it that this is a condo by the ocean.

When we woke up the next morning we walked out on the balcony we noticed that we couldn't go swimming because there were red flags on the beach which means that we can't go into the ocean for some reason. I ran to the binoculars to see if I could see any dolphins when I saw this object floating in the water. Is that a broken surfboard or what is it? It looks hard, so it's not a para sailer. Maybe it's a huge orange frisbee like the one I have at my house. I though to myself.

“Uncle Denny, there's something out in the ocean and I don't know what it is!”I yelled to him.

“How about you go down and check it out with your sister and your cousin,”explained my uncle.

After we arrived down at the beach, an old man had pulled it out of the water. Still far away from the crowd I noticed the letters USAF. As I walked closer I kept wondering what those letters meant. When we raced to the front of the crowd and at that moment I knew the letters meant United States Air Force. I was surprised that I knew what the letters were because there was a lot of wet sand all over it. Then I knew it was an American missile laying right in front of me. Watching people arrive left and right it seemed as if there was no more feet space to walk. As we were headed back to the condo it seemed as if the glass elevator had broke down. We were stuck on the 14th floor and we were on the 15th floor. We were so scared to look outside the window. When I worked up enough courage to look out the window I saw the FBI standing by the missile, CNN news reporters talking in front of the missile reporting the news, and I saw everybody just standing around wondering what will happen next. Still spotting everything I could see, I saw my sister coming behind me with a terrified look on her face. Then I could see out of my right eye my cousin slowly peering out at the crowd pointing at something. The SWAT team had just arrived and is running like someone has just passed out on the beach. When we finally jumped out of the elevator about 15 minutes later the missile was all ready cleared and there was no more show. We told my aunt and uncle about it and I called my parents right away so they knew about it. It HAD been the best spring break ever.

Today it is Monday and we went down to the pool all day. As the week went on I kept thinking about Sunday. It is now time to leave and my cousin and I have already decided to come here again next year.

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