The Magic Book

May 27, 2010
Emily was a quiet girl with a big imagination. She always wore her messy hair down, with a pink scarf around her neck. No one ever believed what she was saying. You never knew if what she was telling you was real or fake. One day, she got to prove that she wasn't imagining everything.

Emily and her dad Tim decided to go to the public library one day. They walked up the short concrete steps and pulled open the large creaky door. (environment of character)

“I hate going to the library and I hate reading.” declared Emily. (hear the character speak) Tim went to the adult books and Emily found the kid's books. Emily took one off the shelf, looked at it for awhile, then put it back on another shelf. (character in action) Her dad had found a book and was agitated when he found Emily sitting on the floor staring out of a window.

“I told you to get a book thirty minutes ago!” said Tim. (others react to character) Then, Tim picked a book off the shelf and handed to her. This book is like 2,000 pages long,(hyperbole) but I better take it or else I'm going to be in even more trouble, thought Emily. (character's thoughts) So they walked up to the desk to check out their books.

When they climbed into the car, Tim spoke first. (action verb) “When we get home, you need to read that book for forty five minutes.” Emily, angry and bleary-eyed, looked straight ahead for the rest of the car ride. (adjectives shifted) After what seemed like forever, they arrived home. Emily went immediately up to her room. She stared at her book, a crumpled mass of papers, and started to read. (appositive) Then all of a sudden, the air around her started to spin. Swoosh! (onomatopoeia) The air whipped her hair into her face. Panting, a dog appeared in her room. (participle) Emily, heart beating mind racing, was very scared and puzzled. (absolute) The dog had a I'm-the-best-dog-in-the-world look.

Emily quickly closed the book and the dog disappeared. She realized that she didn't even know the title. The book was called DOGS 101, which kind of explained why the dog had appeared. This book must be magic, thought Emily. She ran down the stairs as fast as a cheetah hunting it's prey. (simile)

“Dad?” she called. She could feel the stairs moving fast under her small feet. The pictures blurred past her. It seemed to take forever to get down the long staircase. He has to believe me, she thought. (expanded moment)

“Over here” he called from his office. She ran to him and was overwhelmed by the smell of old books and the sight of plain white walls. She sat down into a smooth, glossy leather seat and looked around. (specific details for effect)

“Emily, you are bothering me, go back to your room, go back to reading, and go back to being silent.” ordered Tim. (repetition for effect)

“Just listen please. The book comes to life every time you read it!” she said.

“That's impossible!” yelled Tim. He opened the book and started to read, once again the air started swirling and the dog came back. He was sitting there with his paws in the air, begging for a treat, and barking hi greetings. (magic 3)

“How did this happen?” asked Tim.

“I told you, it comes to life when you read it!” shouted Emily. Tim closed the book and the dog disappeared.

“Wow, that was amazing!” cried Tim.

“I know, now I have a best friend at my fingertips.” said Emily.

“A good book is a best friend, literally.” said Tim, “I thought you were just imagining this but it turned out that you were right. I'm sorry that I didn't believe you.”

“It's okay dad, I'm glad that you saw it too.”said Emily.

“I guess we can't return it to the library, because then other people will find out about it's magic and we don't want that.” said Tim.

“Dad, the librarians will be as mad as a bird with an empty birdbath.” declared Emily.

“Its okay we will pay for it” said Tim.

After that, the once quiet had a best friend. She named the dog Rocky. Her dad even started to believe what she was telling him. She grew closer and closer to her dad everyday. The three of them lived a great life together.

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