It's Never Worth A Touchdown

May 27, 2010
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Kevin sprinted down the sidelines, his long blond hair streaming out the back of his helmet like the tail of a comet. He suddenly made a cut towards the goalpost and saw the ball coming for him. The throw was slightly off, forcing Kevin to jump and reach out with one hand. Kevin cradled it to his body and was hit at the same instant. Kevin was flipped and came down on his head and went out.

Kevin woke up in the hospital with a brace around his neck. He was in excruciating pain. He tried to speak,he tried to move, he tried to cry, but could not.

“Kevin, you took a hard hit out there, you broke your neck.” His mother explained with a large amount of worry in her voice.

Kevin was surprised when he could hear his mother because he could not do anything himself. Then he thought 'Oh no! That means I can't play football! And I'm our best receiver!' Kevin was very disappointed and his mom could tell.

“It's okay, Kevin. There's always next year.” His mom always told him that whenever he lost a game. 'It's okay. Get 'em next year.' is what she would say and it would always make him feel better, but not today.

Kevin hadn't noticed when his mother left to talk to the doctor, but when she came back in, Kevin noticed instantly she had been crying. His mother explained to him what the doctor told her and Kevin's heart crashed to rock bottom. “NO MOM! THERE IS NO WAY I'M GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME!!!” Kevin tried to scream as loud as he could but it only came out as a soft whisper. Kevin was surprised he could speak and felt a little better.

The doctor had said that Kevin had severely fractured his neck and may never be able o play football, or even walk, again. He also explained that Kevin would be spending 4 weeks in the hospital and when he went home he would be confined to a wheelchair for a long while possibly his whole life.

Kevin looked around the white hospital room that was going to be his jail cell for many weeks. He looked at the plasma screen TV in the corner, smelled the hospital food cooking in the kitchen down the hall, heard the chatter of people in the waiting, felt the itchy hospital gown, and tasted true pain for the first time.

A few weeks later Kevin was finally wheeling out of the hospital and getting some fresh air for the first time in a long while. Kevin had gained some weight while he was at the hospital but not too much. Kevin wheeling home, receiving weird stares as though he were a new kid in school, was feeling good to be out of the hospital and on his way home.

Kevin, happy and excited, wheeled into the living room where he got the surprise of his life.(Adjectives shifted out of order) “Wow! Thanks you guys! This is amazing!” Kevin exclaimed, thanking all of his friends and family who arranged his 'Welcome Back' party.

“Just glad your out of the hospital, Kev.” His best friend, Gary, said. He was about as glad Kevin was out of the hospital as Kevin was himself.

“I visited the hospital during the few hours you were still knocked out. I would've came more but I was busy with football.”Gary said. “It's hard to play quarterback without being able to throw to you.”

Kevin wheeled over to a stranger. The stranger introduced himself as Melvin, the guy who hit him. Kevin, hands shaking,heart pounding, asked why he was here.

“I came to apologize, I never meant to break your neck, or hurt you in anyway. I hope you can get back on the field sometime.” Melvin explained.

“Thanks Melvin,” Kevin said.

Melvin's and Kevin's and everybody else's hopes were answered. The next year Kevin was back on the team, playing football. The doctor had called a week before the first practice and Kevin nearly had a heart attack. Kevin thought he was dreaming but he wasn't. Kevin never believed in miracles but he did now.

Flying down the field on the legs of a miracle, Kevin was wide open down the field. He looked back just as Gary released the ball from his hand. Kevin never took his eyes off the ball until he caught it safely in the end zone, the first pass thrown to him in a game since his injury.

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