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May 26, 2010
There I was;just sitting, watching, and hoping. I was watching all the people around the ambulance, around the stretcher, aroung Mama. As Daddy and I were walking inside I asked him,"Is she gonna be okay?" "I don't know baby, I don't know." Later on that night, we got a phone call from the hosptial, they said that they did the best they could do. At that moment, I knew what was going on. I ran out to Mia's doghouse as fast as I could, and started crying into her furr, which was as soft as a cloud, just floating around in the big, lonely sky. Daddy came out looking for me, and when he saw me, I came out of the doghouse and started crying into his shirt for an amount of time that felt like a million years. The next day, I was sitting on the front porch and saw Anut Meg drive around the corner. The first thing she did when she saw me was give me a gigantic hug. Later on that night, we were all out roasting marshmellows and Aunt Meg noticed that I was just sitting there, looking up at the sky. Later on, I was still out there looking at the sky. She came out and gave me a blanket, and as I was putting it around me, she sat down and said,"Is there anything ya wanna talk about?" I nodded my head no. Once I was alone again, I asked myself,"Where are you Mama, where are you?" I went to bed that night, wondering why God sorts people, why they go to Heaven or Hell. One night, I just went out there to look at the stars. And Aunt Meg came out and said,"Is there anything ya wanna talk about?" And I said,"Yeah, you know that feelin', that when you miss someone, you wanna have them back, but you also don't, cause you know they don't have to suffer anymore?"And she said," Sweet Pea, I have that feelin' everyday." After she went inside, Mia came and sat next to me. Then I said,"Where did you go Mama, where did you go?" Then I heard," I'm right hear baby, all you have to do is believe I am." Then I said real soft, so only the two of us could hear, I said,"Good night, Mama." And she said it right back.

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