May 19, 2010
Alone I sit, alone I read, so alone I am. Surrounded by all who hates and looks down on me, and I stare blankly wishing I could fit in. Wishing that they would accept me for me. Looking over at the tables full of happily smiling teens yearning that I could have a friend, yearning that someone would laugh along with me. But here I sit in the dark shady corner ignored by all, I was considered the outside.

“What a loser,” I heard head cheerleader Samantha giggle to one of her friends.

I have learned to ignore the comments because I can no longer give these people the pleasure of seeing me hurt by their words. I can’t let their words get to me, I just can’t. As I strolled over to the garbage disposer tossing my hardly touched hamburger in. I turned around not knowing someone was behind me, the papers and books went flying. Immediately apologizing and picking up papers, I had not noticed this new face around here.

“I am so sorry,” I said hoping that this gentle face would forgive him.
“Oh it’s fine,” his word streamed out gorgeously.

His deep green eyes stood out from the rest, as if there was something behind them he was hiding from the world. However, all I wanted to do was brush my hand across his slightly pale face and to press my lips softly against his. But then I remember that I am the outsider and that this stunning boy would not possibly like me. He was just being kind to the dork that had no friends. But than he stood from the floor holding his hand out for me to take. I glanced at him for a seconded hoping that this was not some sick joke. However, after moments of think I finally reached for his already outstretched hand.

And we strolled peacefully and gracefully form the cafeteria.

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