The End.

May 19, 2010
By Katie Harper BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Katie Harper BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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My brain is speeding through different ideas and possible outcomes like it’s a life or death situation. Techniclly it isn’t, but if you’re me, it is. I stare at the blank black screen and my eyes go back and forth from the screen to the power button. My eyes are searching for something that obviously isn’t there, but I’m hoping it is. I examine the screen and the buttons closely for any sign of life, a flicker of a light or a sound, but just anything to disprove my theory of what’s wrong. I wait, and then wait some more but all to no avail. My computer is dead. Its short life over. This really, really sucks. I feel like a tech obsessed nerd for freaking out so much over this, but when I think about it, my whole life is on there! Pictures from various vacations, photos of my family, really fun times with friends, and even insane videos made at three in the morning. All gone, just like that. Now that I think more about it, which I probably shouldn’t because it definitely won’t help me have a positive attitude, I’ve lost way more than that. All of my important files, all of my games and then the worst of all, I just lost over 1000 songs! For those who don’t know, I love music. I’m a music addict, enthusiast, whatever you want to call it, but it’s true. My head starts spinning even faster, trying to comprehend this situation. But while my brain is doing that, I do something else entirely. I panic. Fifteen minutes later I finally start to accept the situation and relax a little. Life would go on, right? Cave men lived without it so why can’t I? Now thinking about it, I kind of feel stupid for having my life revolve around a piece of technology. It isn’t even alive! It’s just metal and plastic with a few wires thrown around into it too. I go back to the room where my computer was, almost as if I was mourning over the dead, or giving my sympathy to the family, like at a funeral. I stare at my brain dead piece of plastic and metal until I realized something is off about it. A tiny blue light is now on. I don’t let myself get too excited but I go over and press the power button. The screen instantly flickers to life. I jump back shocked by the outcome, in a good way though. The computer was now on and working once more. I looked closely at the computer, making sure it was working. I felt ridiculous. I was just tricked by a piece of plastic and metal! Nice, I thought to myself. Who would of ever thought a computer could learn to play dead just like a dog could. Definitely not me.

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