ceiling and sky

May 24, 2010
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It is now late and the clocks tick's away. As I lay in bed gazing at my ceiling, it simply stares back. It's silent, but its absorbing every thought that crosses my mind. Tomorrow will be the end of my days, for I plan to take my life away. I've caused you enough sorrow, I've caused you enough grief, I'm sure the news of my passing, will be a relief. I do not mean to ryhm, at a time so grim, but please see, this choice was not made on a whim. Capsuls filled with magic powder, down my throat and now I wait an hour..they will cease my nerves and every feeling in my body, until I feel nothing.
I still hear the clock ticking away..but it seems the sound is becoming more faint. I hear my mother walk into the kitchen, then a gasp of fear, then footsteps down the hall. The door creaks open and her heart is only hopin', her daughter may still be alive and well. She see's me there, numb and broken, her tears flow down and rush like falls, only then do I see, what my ceiling has seen, for years, someone looking for answers in a world so full of questions.
Light grows bright, my mother is weeping..im sorry for this pain you suffer..again I'm a dissapointment, only this time is the last. I breathe in deep for my last breath of earthly air.
I whisper I love you.

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