May 23, 2010
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“Mom, I’m going to work now. I’ll see you when I get home,” Annabelle said to her mother. Her mom replied, “Okay honey; see you when you get home.” She left and her mother was left all alone. Annabelle worked at a bar five days a week and sometimes she worked late at night. Today was one of those days. She got in her car and made her long trek to get to her job. She thought about whether or not she would meet her soul mate or if it would just be another one of those boring days. When Annabelle arrived at the bar, she got out of the car and walked inside. She was stunned at how many people were there; there were never that many. No one caught her eye in particular except when she looked to the far left and found this gorgeous blonde- haired guy sitting with all his friends. All she did was look at him for fifteen minutes until her boss came over to her and said, “What are you doing? You’re supposed to be working!” She was startled by his sudden appearance and she said she would get right back to work.

Annabelle put her uniform on and looked at the same guy again. She thought he was so cute and she wanted to ask him out on a date, but she didn’t. Her first order was up and she needed to get right on it. She waited for the food to be done and when it was, she put it on the tray to deliver it. She walked over to the table and gave the people the food. She kept her eyes fixed on him and wasn’t looking at what she was doing. Annabelle spilt a beer on one of the people and she said she was sorry. She got the guy a new beer and walked back to the counter, humiliated.

Her friend, Jamie, came over to her and asked what was wrong with her. She said nothing, but Jamie didn’t believe her. Annabelle said it was really nothing and she went back to her work. She knew her friend knew it was something, but her eyes couldn’t resist the temptation to look at him. His eyes just bedazzled her and she was mesmerized by him. She wanted him to notice her, but she didn’t think that would happen. She waited for him and waited for him, but he never once looked at her. He walked up from his seat and left the bar. It was 1:00 a.m. and she was depressed. Her shift had just ended and she went home waiting for the next day to come.

The sun rose and shone through the window of Annabelle’s room. She opened her eyes and got up from her bed. Her clock read 10:00 a.m. and she remembered she had to rake her mother to the dentist. Her mother was waiting for Annabelle and Annabelle said she was sorry. She got dressed quickly and went outside with her mother to go to the dentist for a checkup and x-rays.

After a couple of minutes, Annabelle and her mother arrived at the dentist’s office. They walked into the dentist’s office and towards the receptionist. The receptionist said the regular dentist was out today and Mr. Reese would be filling in for today. Annabelle said okay and she and her mother took their seats waiting to be called. She kept waiting until after ten minutes, they were called in to see the dentist. They walked into the room and the dentist came in. Annabelle’s face changed dramatically and she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the guy from the bar! She just stared into his eyes and dreamt about what they could be together. Her mind wondered all over the place until her dream suddenly faded away to reality. Mr. Reese asked if anything was wrong, and she said it was nothing. He then asked if he knew her and if she was the girl from the bar. Annabelle said yes it was her and that she was glad to meet him. Mr. Reese started to work on her mother’s teeth and said that her mother was okay. Annabelle told him thank you and said she would see him around. Annabelle and her mother arrived home and all they did was sit around. She had to wait until tomorrow so she could go back to work. Annabelle thought about Mr. Reese being there and maybe them seeing each other. She thought about what they would be like and if they would get married. Annabelle sat up all night just wondering if they would ever be a couple.

The following night came and Annabelle went to work. She got her uniform on and looked around for Mr. Reese. He wasn’t there, but hopefully he would arrive soon. An order came and she delivered it to the table. While she was delivering it to the table, Mr. Reese walked in. Annabelle turned around and saw Mr. Reese walk in. She completely stared at him and he looked at her. He walked over to Annabelle and said hello. She responded by saying, “Hello, Mr. Reese.” He told her to call him Jason and she said okay. She told him her name was Annabelle and that she had to get back to work. He said okay and went over to his friends and all the girls. Annabelle went back to working and looked at Jason again.

Jamie came over to Annabelle and asked who that gorgeous man was. Annabelle said it was no one, only her mother’s substitute dentist, Jason Reese. Jamie asked if she liked him, but Annabelle said no way, they only know each other. Then Annabelle walked away from Jamie and began to stare at Jason again. She loved him and wanted to ask him out, but Annabelle didn’t. She only sat there the whole night, staring at Jason and wondering, wondering if he would ask her out.

The next day came and Annabelle wanted to see Jason again. She called up the dentist office and asked if Jason Reese was working today. She waited for an answer, hoping if it was a yes and the lady came back on the phone and said the answer Annabelle wanted to hear. Annabelle drove to the dentist office and sat in her car for a couple of minutes, thinking of what to say when she would get in there. She finally got up the courage to get out of her car and walk into the office.

Annabelle walked up to the receptionist and asked to speak to Mr. Reese. The receptionist walked up, got Mr. Reese, and returned to her seat. Jason said hello to Annabelle and Annabelle returned the gesture. She told Jason she wanted to talk privately and Jason said let’s go outside. They walked outside and Annabelle felt a tingling in her throat. She gulped and told Jason, “I like you, I really do and I want to be more than friends. I think what I’m trying to say is that I want us to be a couple and for us to go on a date.” She felt relief that she got that out, but was worried about what Jason’s response would be. Jason took the words in and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m getting married.” He took the ring out of his pocket to show her and again, he said he was sorry. Annabelle said okay and walked out crying. She rushed in her car and rode off, crying, crying about how the waiting had cost her, her love of her life.

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