Godess Ana

May 28, 2010
She was a different type of angel, an angel where only certain people could see her beauty. Her power over people is simply indescribable and if you disobey her nothing good will come. To worship her you must practice self-control, and you only deserve her guidance through achieving perfection. Her believers vary in age but are mainly teenagers across the world. Even in the smallest towns and most prestigious prep schools, many women believed.

The naturally petite sophomore, Yuliana was lying on her bed after showering. Her thin roommate Maria was examining herself in the mirror. As Yuli studied her roommate she noticed how thin she had gotten in the past few weeks. Spring break was just a week away, and Maria’s boyfriend Johnny was going home with her for the first time.
“So, are you excited for Johnny to come to Mexico?” Yuli asked enthralled.
“Yes, except for the fact that he has to see me in a bikini for a week straight.”
“Why would that matter you have the perfect body.”
Maria ignored the comment and started to tape pictures of skinny models around her mirror. Yuli walked over to look at the models when she noticed a paper with an odd poem that she hadn’t seen before.
“Maria, who is Goddess Ana,” inquired Yuli.
“It’s one of the angels my mom is making me study for youth group when I go home.”
“And what is this poem about and where did you find this?”
“Oh it’s just about her; it’s from one of the books we read in church, I am surprised you have not read it in youth group.”
Not thinking twice Yuli brushed off the comment and proceeded to get ready for dinner. “Yuli, can you stop blow drying your hair for a second I am on the phone with the local pizza place.”
“Hello, I would like a medium BBQ chicken pizza, a carrot cake, and a large moose tracks ice cream, with a large coke please. I will be paying with cash, the name is Garcia. Okay thank you.” Maria hung up the phone and continued to examine her body in the mirror, trying to pinch nonexistent parts of fat on her body. Yuli left the room to go brush her teeth and Maria knew she could use this solitude as a time for prayer.
“Goddess Ana, please be with me and give me strength to not give in. I did have a slip yesterday but I swear it will not happen again. Help me to achieve your state of perfection, I will not give in again until my eyes are sunken in like the moon and when I walk no one hears a sound. All the extra waste will melt off and…”
“Maria what the hell are you doing! What are you talking about and who are you talking to?” Yuli exclaimed at Maria with concern and ambivalence.
“I am just practicing more prayers for youth group, don’t worry it’s really nothing.”
“You’re really starting to freak me out Maria. If I ever hear that again I am calling your mom!”
“Calm down Yuls, it won’t happen again, just forget about it okay?”
“Fine.” Yuli said with a challenging tone as she read a text off her phone.
“Oh s**t, Julia can’t go to dinner because she has a project can I just split the pizza and dessert with you instead?”
“Of course baby, it’s coming in about 20 minutes.”
“Perfect! Do you want to have a roomie dinner and watch Gossip Girl before doing homework?”
“I would love to but I have to go to the library, so can you just go get it? My cash is in my wallet in my top drawer.”
“Yea I will just put it in the fridge until after study hours then we can eat together.”
“That’s crazy, no need to wait for me! You can have as much as you want and share with whoever wants it as well!”
“I don’t want to share our food, especially when you paid for this. You did this last time too!”
“Well I am not really hungry anymore, I actually feel sick I will just make soup when I am back to calm my stomach. See ya in a bit love you!”
Yuliana’s suspicion grew as her roommate rushed out the door. After going to get the food Yuli stopped by Catherine’s room to see if she wanted some and to get help with physics. They walked into Yuli’s room and made a picnic on the floor.
“What is that on her mirror?”
“Some prayer her mom made her learn for youth group, I don’t know, she has been acting really sketch about it though.”
“Have you tried researching it?”
“No I didn’t even think about it, and go look in her top drawer next to her wallet there is another poem next to a picture of a girl who looks like a toothpick!”
After checking out the poem and picture, Catherine got out her computer and typed “Goddess Ana” into Google search. She felt her heart shatter when she saw that the sites coming up were nothing even close to versus from the bible.
“Hey; you may want to take a look at this.” Catherine said with a disbelieving tone.
“Oh… my, God.” Tears started streaming down Yuliana’s face. A feeling beyond words surged through her stomach and thoughts in her head, only blaming herself for being so oblivious. It was then that Yuliana realized her roommate’s problem was nothing short of suicide.

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