Paradise, oooh, sweet sweet Paradise

May 10, 2010
By Aidan Stuckert BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Aidan Stuckert BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The fertile soil that is crowded with earthworms and roots from soaring sequoia trees is diced by an infinite amount of flowing rivers that all join to form the world’s largest waterfall. Beneath this water lies a dense ecosystem containing exotic fish and extraordinary plant life. Outside this beautiful blue water there is lush land packed with almost alien creatures from every corner of the earth. Since there is a absence of humans who destroy everything animals of sea, land and sky thrive and enjoy their very own paradise. Vast open prairies with endless skies are laid sparsely across. Although there is heavy rain fall and fog that make seeing nearly impossible, life still goes on and flourishes because of these animals incredible ability to adapt. The screeching of powerful apes can be heard from a mile away along with the flapping wings from massive birds, high in the canopy of the forest. The smell of mist combining with fresh fruit fill the air with sensations the stimulate all five senses as they have never been before. My paradise is horded with unimaginable aspects; what will yours be like?

The author's comments:
People should be able to invision what our Earth used to be like and how it should still be today.

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