bruised love

May 19, 2010
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She sat quietly as he hurt her with his painful words. “You’re a stupid sl**, your not everything, I can get someone ten times better who will do what ever I say.” Cold as ice he stood with the stare of accomplishment, he knew. She was hurt and he known he had won. As the pain ran deeper, her anger arose and for a split second she erupted, her words were fast and violent, “don’t you ever talk to me that way, you aren’t nice like everyone thinks, you’re a horrible person who thinks his the best boyfriend ever, but you no what your not! I hate you!” As fast as she was with her words, he was with action. Soon she was lying on the ground, he felt like a man, the only way he could feel like a man, was when he was pushing her around. Slowly, she’d rise and with speed he’d knock her down again. As this pain stayed the same for years, she grew strong with every word and every reaction; she grew stronger as her heart grew colder. He still thought he was the man, the king of the home and the relationship, but he did not know the plan she had in store for him, soon he’d be sorry for everything he’s done, he would clean up this damage he caused, and he’d regret it, oh he will regret it, oh he will regret that day he messed with her.

With her big shady glasses she walked back home, her spirit crushed and her heart confused. Did her really love her? Why was he doing this to her? Was it something she did? Why was this happening to her? These questions burned in her head as she tried to gather all the clues, she couldn’t help but fear that she had been blinded from the truth. She was so in love with him that she didn’t even see his true colors, she held on to the good times instead of the reality. Her arms under her long sleeve shirt, shown the reality of him the bruises marked her, she was his and no one else could have her. Her fear grew stronger with each mark but reality hit with each smack in the face. “Hello honey” her mom said as she reached the door, “mom can I talk to you for a second?” she said as she reached the front room. “Yeah sure, what’s up?” said her mom with a confused and worried look on her face, “ I need to break it off with Jason, I cant handle being with him anymore his is too controlling and he’s always mean to me, and I just cant take it!” her mom stared at her wondering why this is coming out of nowhere. Everything seemed fine, yeah she came home sometimes balling herself to sleep but she just thought they were fighting; she had no idea what was going on anger filled her eyes as she removed her glasses “ill kill him” her mom said, “no you cant, I still love him, I just need to not be with him, and he’ll straighten out”. So they began planning, where this was going to happen and who was all going to be there. “We have to make sure its somewhere public, I don’t want to be alone, cause it wont happen he’ll convince me to stay.” Weeping you could see the fear in her eyes, such emotions never been present before on her face, she always was happy, or so it seemed.

Today was the day, the day she would be free from pain, the day she will become herself again, and not someone else that he created. “Here he comes, in his bust down truck.” She said “remember stay strong honey, you deserve the best and he doesn’t come close, I, your dad and mike are here for you if you need us.” As she walked across the street to meet him, tears filled her eyes as she tried to fight them, he was wearing her favorite gray and blue button down shirt with her favorite ripped jeans she had bought him for his birthday. She was so scared that she could feel her heart beating in the pit of her stomach. “You’re wearing my favorite clothes I bought for your birthday.” She said he stared at her with curious eyes, “yeah, I like them. Sorry I didn’t get your anything for your birthday.” Like he was even sorry, if he was he would of gotten something already its been three months he has had over three months now. “Its fine, it doesn’t matter anymore” she said “what do you mean it doesn’t matter anymore?” He said now his eyes filling with rage. “ its over Jason, I cant continue to be with you, you do nothing but hurt me, and I sick of it, I’m done , we are done.” She turned to walk away, when suddenly he whipped her around and started yelling” you’re a stupid b****, your nothing without me, you’ll regret this!” as soon as he reacted, mike and her dad rushed over, grabbed her and got in his face, scaring him to his car. Holding her mike said “its ok honey, its all over, I’m hear for you, he’s never coming back, I’m hear for you not matter what.”

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DancerBabe said...
Jun. 5, 2010 at 1:11 pm
Oh! That was really good. Go the girl strong enough to get out of a relationship like that!
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