Polka Dot Diapers

May 26, 2010
By The_depths_and_Skies BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
The_depths_and_Skies BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Alison Mayden paced across the small space in front of the bench where her boyfriend sat, too-big jeans scrapping across the cement with every step. “Jeff, it’s not like a game- she literally has everything! Mini pants, mini shoes, mini baby bottles and pacifiers! She even has these tiny, polka dot diapers! For a doll.” The sixteen year old stopped suddenly and slumped onto the park bench in front of her backpack, folding her legs beneath her. “What the hell is wrong with her?”

“What does your mom say about it?” Jeff pulled her towards him, so she sat cuddled, wrapped in his arm. “Maybe she just really wants another kid?”

“Don’t be stupid. Mom didn’t want me, yet alone another kid. Single mom in the middle of Oklahoma? Obviously she wasn’t the only teenager to ever get pregnant, but I’m not exactly the type of daughter a parent should be proud of.”
Jeff glanced uneasily into Alison’s face, looking more then a little annoyed. “Don’t you think you’re blowing this a little bit out of proportion? I mean, everybody has hobbies of some sort.”

Allison shifted uneasily, then sighed and shrugged. “Yea, ok. I guess you’re right.”

By mutual consent they rose and gathered their belongings, heading home. Jeff walked her to the front porch, planting a kiss on Alison’s forehead before he turned to leave. Jeff stopped mid action, staring as Mrs. Mayden left her garage, silver minivan backing up on the concrete.

“Hey kids! Just taking Jason for a drive to calm him down- would you care to join me in the park?”

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