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May 25, 2010
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I walked back home on a cold foggy evening and realised that I had left my keys somewhere. As I suddenly realised the huge mistake I had committed, I started to wonder where I had left them. I thought of all the places I had been to but couldn’t remember where I had left the keys. Thinking I had dropped then on my way home, I decided to trace my steps back and investigate. As I was walking, I felt as if someone was following me. I kept my cool and made my mind not to look back. All of a sudden the footsteps grew faster, and I felt a strange heat catching up with me. The heat made me weak and subsequently I collapsed.

As I sat helplessly on the ground, I saw a bright light from the corner of my eye. Reflexively, I shielded myself and closed my eyes. A minute or two passed, I slowly opened my eyes and turned around. I saw nothing. There was pitch darkness and the croaking of a nearby frog. This was right out of the plot of a suspense movie. I took a few sips of water and gathered energy to get up. I had just taken a few steps further that it started drizzling. Just as I looked up, it started pouring cats and dogs. I used my bag as a cover from the rain and walked further.

Fortunately, I located a small wooden shelter. As I advanced towards it, I was suddenly looking at the sky. As I came to my senses, I comprehended that I had fallen on my back owing to the wet mud. I caught hold of a nearby bush for support and pulled myself up. I resumed my walk towards the shelter and then I plummeted into the mud once again. I tried to get up but kept slipping. Luckily I was successful the fourth time. I ran and tumbled into the shelter. According to my approximation, I had spent an hour in search of my keys. It should be around half past seven.

Finally it stopped raining. I was far too worn out to get up and resume my adventure, so I continued sitting in the shelter. It was also getting darker. So after about 10 minutes I stood up. I reached my pocket to take out my cell phone for light and made a horrible discovery-my cell phone was also missing.

Exhausted and irritated, I sluggishly walked back home. I lazily threw myself upon the doorstep and my bag away from me. Just as my bag hit the floor, I heard the sound of clashing metal. I was ecstatic. I took some time to empty my bag and lo and behold- the keys fell out. I was surprised how the keys were there. I was sure I had checked properly.

I quickly opened the door and went in. I changed into my night clothes and fell on the bed. When I turned to switch of the light, the wall clock caught my eye. It was half past seven. I hurriedly got up and reached for the jeans I was previously wearing. I reached into the side pocket where I couldn’t find my phone before. It was there.

What was going on? I was baffled. I crawled into my bed and pulled a quilt over my head. Then I recapped the whole incident. First losing my keys and phone. Then saving myself from something that was never there. Falling in the mud again and again. And finally finding my cell phone and keys exactly where they where. It was like nothing really ever happened.

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