May 25, 2010
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By John IV

It’s mid-winter in Phoenix Arizona, Cookie and Joey is lying out along side of Cookie’s pool. During school hours they decided they wanted to lie out in the sun. So they left school and went home and did just that. Rob and Tony stayed in school. Tony likes this girl named Denise in his 5th hour history class, so he stayed to secretly adore her. Tony, Cookie, Rob, and Joey are the rich teens at Phoenix High School. Tony would never let Cookie know he’s in love with a regular girl, who works after school at a dinner, to help her Mom out with the bills. Cookie would purposely harass Denise just to make Tony mad. Cookie is very tall caramel skinned beauty, and she knows it. Tony is you’re all American football star quarterback, with perfect everything when it comes to visual appearance. He plays the rich guy act, just to stay cool with the other three rich teens. Rob and Joey are star football players too, they’re just not has good looking as Tony is. They all make the rest of the kids feel intimidated by them, by being casually insulting. Rob always insults Tony though, because he’s always been jealous of him. Even though, they put on an act of being happy and rich. They are very lonely individuals, who are very depressed.

Tony wants to say something to Denise, but thinks she won’t respond. Plus she’ll be able to see who he really is and may tell the whole school. So he just sits in 5th hour to simply see her, then he goes back to being a rude crude rich teen on his way to 6th hour. After school Tony and Rob will head to Cookie’s to chill with them, insult one another, drink Ciroc & Papaya juice, and then probably pass out. Cookie’s parents are usually in Europe during the summer, so they all stay at her house most of the time. Joey and Cookie have some kind of secret love thing going, but all the guys have made out with her. Rob doesn’t have a girlfriend and never have really dated someone. He goes round bragging about having so many girls that he can’t handle them all. Nobody has ever seen all the girls that he always meets at the mall while shopping. The rich teens shop at least five times a week. They’re rich and money has no limit. When they get to school they make it a priority to make certain less fortunate teens notice all their new, expensive things.

And that is the daily routine of the “Rich Teens”.

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