Beautiful Prom Night

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl who was 12 years old, and always wanted to go to PROM!!!! She just dreamed and dreamed of having her very own special prom. Eventually one day she woke up and guess what, she was a teenager and had 10 days before her prom.

After she woke up, she went down stairs and asked her dad if she could have some money to go and buy a dress, and her dad gave her $300. She was only going to ask for $150, but her dad was soo happy for her, he wanted her to have the most beautiful dress ever!!!!

Once she said thank you to her dad, he said buuuttt, I have to go with you. The daughters mouth just droped. She didn’t want her dad to go with her, but she did want the best and most beautiful dress so he went with her. When they got there, they went through every store but there just wasn’t the right dress for her.

Finally they went into the right store and it was called, Big Night! When they went into the store, they found the most beautiful dress and it was strapless, plain black, pink laced and pink ribbon tied around the stomach. She really wanted that dress, and she got it!!

Once she grabed it off the rack, she went to show it to her dad. Her dad said that she could get it if she would wear it on other special acastions. She was so happy and was jumping up and down, and all she did was smile. After she got her dress she wanted some shoes to go with the dress. She went to the store called payless and found the perfect pin sparkelly shoes that fit just right.

When they got home she went to sleep, and before she knew it, it was the day for her to get ready and beautiful for the prom!! Once she got out of bed she started to put her dress on, then she fixed her hair, and then she put on her make-up.

When she finished putting her make-up on she walked down the stairs and her mom and dad were video taping and taking pictures, then the door bell rang! She got so excited and then her dad opened the door….it was her date.

His mouth just dropped, and her dad shut it for him and said un un don’t do that, and she laughed at them while hugging her mom. Then she went over to her dad and gave him a hug and a kiss. Her date said that she looked beautiful, and right then she knew it was going to be the…


The author's comments:
This will hapeen to me!!

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